dead coyote's


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Oct 3, 2012
New guy here and figured I would post a few pictures of some dogs that I have killed.
This one my little one was able to go out with me. We took the rhino out and drove around. I came over a hill and saw him standing there. By the looks of him I did him a favor. My little one was super stoked.
I use both mouth and E callers. Was using mouth calls alot but decided to try the E caller and have been doing well with them.
Kill'em all! What kind of tri- pod is that? Does it swivel? Cool photos by the way.
First - strong work dude! What caliber is the Ruger you are shooting? Tell us about both rifles please... ;D

And do you mind if we add it to our member videos on the front page?
You can put the video where ever you like. We made a couple for fun, need to get out to make some more but its hard to video when you want to be the one shooting. Most of my dogs have been killed with my Ruger Predator 22-250. Last year I bought a Savage in .243 and converted it over to a 6.5 Creedmoor just because I wanted to see if I could do it and try longer shots.(I also have the same Savage Weather Warrior in 7mmRM and really like them). I've been able to shoot out to 860yrds with it pretty consistantly. The picture in the snow is the only animal that I have shot with the Creedmoor, hoping to use it for antelope or deer.
Here is what 140gr Hornady A-max in 6.5 Creedmoor does to a coyote at about 50yrds.

I thought the "Don't Miss" video would be fun to make.
Awesome -

I am a big-time 6.5mm fan. I shoot a .260 Rem as well as a 6.5 x .280 Ackley improved. Canoe sized wholes with the frag type bullets!

Your a killer!

The Darrel Holland built Ackley below with a 4-12x42 Schmidt & Bender secured by S&K mounts and rings:


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I had a hard time deciding between a 260rem and 6.5Creedmoor. I went with the Creedmoor because I wanted something different. I reload but now trying with more precision and read that the Creedmoor was easy to load for. I put a 6.5-24x50 Sightron SIII scope on so I can learn to shoot longrange. What do you hunt with your Ackley? I have been thinking of converting my 7mmRM to a 6.5x.284 norma.
The .260 Rem is actually king of the 1000 yard match. The 6.5 x 280 is something I have been playing with for years. It is pretty much a ballistic equal to the .264 Win Mag but it is accurate. I have shot deer and antelope with it and plan to hunt elk with it this year.

The .260 Rem I shoot is a Sako 85 Stainless synthetic with a standard barrel. Shoots the lights out!

I am also an avid reloader...
I had to take a bow to my buddies house in the IE today so I figured I would try some coyote hunting. I missed the only one we saw at 225yrds.
Better to be there and miss than not be there at all. Nice try OC. Get him next time!. What were you shooting today?

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