Dove Report for Blythe.....Horrible!


New Member
Feb 27, 2011
Covina Ca
Well I took my two boys out to Blythe for their first dove hunt ever. This was the worst Dove hunt ever with no birds seen.
Really? That sucks. I didn't go but all the other guys have reported limits by 8:00 AM. Was this a new spot?
THAT SUCKS!!!, I was in Blythe and it was pretty much a wide open shootfest from 0600 til about 0830. I went with a group of guys and they all limited, I'd never hunted this style and only got 6. The area I went was packed! Most people were commenting they didn't plant (wheat or whatever they grow) off second street this year and there were NO birds there. Not sure if that's where you were but could've been the reason.
I must have been in wrong spot then. Last year this spot was unlimited birds. I taked to a guy that says hes been hunting area for over 20 years and this is the worst he has seen. We hunted the fields near intake rd. Too much cotton planted and not enough of the good stuff.
That sucks but I'm sure your boys had a great time anyways right?
My kids had a great time. My 16 yr old shot his first dove with his new gun 1st shot. My 12 yr old finally got the ok from me to shoot a dragonfly. Smoked it. The middle of the day we just sat in the river. I dont know yet what the fine is for his citation. He said the warden Ran him in the system every which way and a registration check on guns and questioned him about all the other guns he owns...I am in law enforcement so I dont question what they do but I dont know about the 3rd degree especially with a clean guy that is operation manager for AMR ambulance company. He also threatened it could be a misdemeanor and he could confiscate his gun and license. He flat out didnt know about the plug.
sucks about the plug but its the law and it does not matter what your friend does for work. Will be a nasty fine 300-500$ for the great state of calif. I do not know if it can rise to a misdemeanor or not but expect a fine for sure.

Everyone should get in the habit of checking their plug every trip and time out, besides your hunting lic its the number one thing mr warden checks. I am paranoid about it since i hunt places that do not require a plug and then i come home and whamo busted.

Also do not forget that you can only have 1 possession limit per person in your house at any time. If you live alone do not have more then your allowed possession limit. in the freezer or not does not matter.
I wasnt trying to say he should get a freebie because what he does for work!! Just making a statement. Yes you need to know the laws and he knows now.

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