Euro hog skull with wood burn and gem inlay backboard.

Sep 15, 2015
San Diego, CA
So I killed my first wild pig and wanted to do something beautiful with the skull. I stripped all the flesh I could. Boiled in arm and hammer detergent. Power washed and scrapped. Then boil in 40% hydrogen peroxide and powerwashed again. Wood burn a flower on the skull (was my first time wood burning, on a skull non to less.

Next I needed a backboard. So I had some Alder, Mahogany, and some beautiful dark wood my friend gave me a piece of. Sized it all up and glued her up. Than began doing a chrsyocola and turquoise gem inlay. Than mapping out the teeth to line up perfectly with the upper jaw. And some clear coats. I like it. Hope to get better as I go. Hope you guys enjoy. 20171218_202718.jpg 20171220_003045.jpg 20171220_003103.jpg 20180110_133126.jpg 20180210_234847.jpg 20180219_224228.jpg 20180219_224242.jpg 20180219_224350.jpg 20180308_231144.jpg 20180308_231210.jpg
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