Evening hunt....**Success photos added**


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Sep 4, 2012
Alpine, CA
Went out for an evening hunt tonight. Kicked up one doe near my truck. Could've shot her but I'm trying to hold out for a buck, at least for now. Still have a lot of season left.

Got to my spot and sat down (I don't use treestands) and started glassing around. I happened to look down and what do I see....rattlesnake skin. Hmm I wonder where the snake came from. Well I have sat in that same spot numerous times and just now discovered a den about a foot away from me. Needless to say I moved.

On the hike out in the dark, spotted 8 more deer. Not sure if they were bucks or does. Only saw reflections of their eyes. Kinda creepy. Weird how when you're hiking out in the dark, there are monsters everywhere.......


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Re: Evening hunt....

It is funny how the monsters come out at night. I have walked back in the dark many times where the Monsters are bigger and scarier. Armed or not it is a bit spooky! I have seen (or thought I saw) a lot of weird stuff at night. BRrrrrrrrr.
Re: Evening hunt....

Lungpopper said:
It can be spooky if you are by yourself. Having somebody with you sure makes a difference.

No kidding, I just wan't someone else to share the experience with, especially if we're gonna die....

All joking aside, when it comes down to it, it really is a safety issue. My usual hunting partners were all busy so I went alone. Although the "monsters" don't really exist, there are many ways my evening could have been ruined. Mountain lions and humans are my biggest concerns......
Re: Evening hunt....

While it not the best way to hunt I always keep my eyes on the ground in front of me, I cant count the number of times I've come upon a rattler and had them not rattle and warn especially when the weather starts to cool and they become lethargic.
Re: Evening hunt....

Ya there's something about walking threw a oak grove at 2 am by your self that makes the hair on my of my neck stand up. When I get to my blind the feeling goes away but not much has changed funny how that works. Lung popper a person with you deffintlly makes it nicer
Re: Evening hunt....

I love to hunt alone.I actually enjoy sneeking in and out of the woods in the dark.And when Im alone I see so much more.When I do take someone its no lights aloud. It forces you to slow down.And you will learn something about yourself. If I told you guys what I have seen in the woods in the last 4 weeks while sitting there alone you wouldn't beleive me. :eek:
Re: Evening hunt....

That is why you are the "Invisible Man"!
Re: Evening hunt....

I go alone with no lights. I just hate walking face first into those big spider webs with those 1 1/2 inch spiders in the middle.
Re: Evening hunt....

BuckHunter said:
I go alone with no lights. I just hate walking face first into those big spider webs with those 1 1/2 inch spiders in the middle.

Thats the worst! Your screwed up for like an hour trying to find the darn thing. And every time you feel anything at all your sure its that spider.
Re: Evening hunt....

LOL! Im always alone also. I have no hunting buddies. At least not for archery season. My hunting buddies hunt with rifle. Anyways, I agree, it is kinda spooky sometimes. But once u get there, it goes away. :D Cool pics breacher :D
Re: Evening hunt....

fordfan1 said:
You have more self control than me, I shot the first doe i was able to.

I don't have permission to post a picture but my brother in law killed his first archery animal last night. He filled his A-22 tag with a nice looking doe at 35 yards. I do believe he's got the bug now. Trying to get him to become a member on this site. Now I'm trying to get my dad on his first archery deer......
Re: Evening hunt....

Hat's off to the secret doe slayer!
Re: Evening hunt....

You seem to be spreading that bug around quickly. Congratulations to your brother inlaw.

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