Got out on Rabbit opener!


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Nov 20, 2016
I didn’t expect to make it out today due to some family medical issues, but things came together in the afternoon so I was able to hunt. Went solo to a CNF spot about 15 miles from my house as the crow flies, but an hour and 15 minutes as the roads run. As I approached the area around 6 pm I was greeted by a nice California Kingsnake (coastal phase) in the road. Love these guys. Took some pics and moved him out of harms way.

77A012B5-4A90-4B87-9E64-7F5AEE99CC49.jpegStarted seeing a few bunnies through Binos shortly after starting my hunt but as usual in this area, they were very wary and it was impossible to get into range. So I sat down against a big tree and used a tripod to hold my gun. As shadows grew they began to pop up here and there and after being motionless for a while they forgot about me I guess.

Really nice evening with a cool breeze and no other hunters in this area tonight. The only sounds were birds and the occasional crack of my Ruger 10/22. Shot four critters by dark and called it a night.



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Nov 28, 2018
I love hunting bunnies in there in the Flatlands in the morning! Have you seen the Trarantulas crossing on the road sometimes when coming out of there around Sundown? Seemed like they were enjoying the last bits of heat radiating off the ashpalt before the coolness of the night took over.