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Oct 7, 2011
About 20 feet up
I set up 40min before sunup under an oak tree along side a dry creek in a small meadow.I put my hen decoy 30yrd out and quietly brushed my seat in at base of the tree.No gobbling today at all so I sat quietly and waited.After about 40min 2 jakes come in and 5 min later 3 nice toms roll in and stay about 60yrd from my decoy. I waited about 10min then floated out a some soft feeding purrs,And one of the toms comes straight in full strutt spitting and drumming.He circles my decoy then turns his back to me and I draw back,as he comes back around I put my 30 pin on the base of his neck and pull the trigger.I hit him dead center at the base of the neck and out the other side through the tail cutting one of his tail feathers in half.He goes right down and didn't kicked one time. The other birds just walked away and after I was sure they were out of sight I walked out and picked him up.Much nicer bird then yesterday.He went just under 23lbs on the fish scale, 8inch beard, and 1 inch spurrs.


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That is awesome IM, Great shot I have hit a few in the neck like that and it does not touch the meat so perfect shot.
Love to see those pics. Great job, hoping that the turkeys will show up for me one day. Looks like your scouting is paying off.
D.L. I'd have to say you are the "TOP TURKEY" killer on here! Way to go!

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