Have you shot a Hoyt Carbon Element bow?


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Feb 3, 2011
I'm looking to upgrade. Has anyone shot one of the new Hoyt Carbon Element bows? Did you like it?
The Hoyt is a great bow but once I went thru adn shot the bow I was not that impressed with the
carbon tubes as a riser. Im telling you Jim if you come down for Mikes party we can run over to the Bow & Arrrow Shop and have you shoot the new Evasion from Bow Tech you will be sold. By far the best bow on the market right now.
I shot one today and it was awesome! They wanted 1,300 for just the bare bow plus accessories + tax. That’s a bit steep. :'(
I'm also looking to up grade from my PSE, Bruce at Bow N Arrow talked me into a Bowtech so I think I may be switching to one soon. I'm planning on going to S.Dakota this fall so maybe before then.
The Evasion is 859.00 plus what you want to put on it. I have a new set of sights I will send you some info on that have a retical that helps you center your bow quicker that is really cool. I will get you some info on them.

I hav'nt shot the carbon element but I did shoot the invasion and I was impressed with it.Was at The Bow & Arrow Shop today.Bruce said he is selling @ 1 a day,so other people must be impressed also.
I’ll have to check out the Evasion before I decide on something. I’m hearing a lot of good stuff about it too.
Not yet. I sold my old bow, so I'm with out for now. :'(
I know........ I've been so slammed at work and home, it's been moved to the back burner. :-[
Whats up my friend? Have you decided on what bow you are going to purchase? If you do not want to
buy a new one I have some friends who have new Bow Tech Admiral's like mine and a few others that are brand new and at good deals. Touch base with me if you want me to check on how much they want

No new bow yet. I want to check out a Bow-Tech but they are not a hot item in my area and the local pro shops push Mathews, PSE, and Hoyt. I know in SD they are the best of the best but there is not a lot of support for them here. I checked out the specs on their website and the Evasion looks awesome! I’ll need to try one out before I pull the trigger on something else. I’m trying to focus on a new bow just because I keep my bows for a good 4 + years so I want to make sure it’s the most up to date there is and its just my size. Thanks for the offer Mike. I do know a few guys new to the sport looking for a good used bow. I'll pass on the info.
The Evasion is on my short list soon even thou my Admiral is the shit. The one thing I have seen with the Bow Techs in regards to you having them in your area is once you get it dialed in you will never screw with it again. It shoots tight all the time and is bullet proof. Good hunting, it really does not matter what you choose all of these bows are awesome.
Just ordered my Hoyt Carbon Element bow 70 lb. Should be here next week. Can't wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need to get it tuned up asap for Utah ! :eek: :eek:
Congratulations Bro. You're already a stone killer with the gear you had! The ruminants are in really deep poop now! ;)
Here it is..................... :eek:


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