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Mar 8, 2011
San Diego, Ca.
Hi to all,

My name is John and I have lived here in SD for 37 years. I have hunted my entire life and I have spent many a day in the field.

I am an avid big game hunter, waterfowl hunter, upland game hunter as well as a big fan of offshore fishing for tuna, jacks and billfish. I would have to say though that my passion is elk hunting, mule deer hunting and goose hunting. I am pretty much a junkie regarding the pursuit of game - finned, feathered or hoofed.

I pride myself in the fact that my wife and I have brought up two very good children. They are kind, hard working and productive kids who have a positive contribution in our society. Both kids (Johnny and Kalie) have a love for the outdoors and understand the responsibility to keep our sport growing. My son Johnny is an avid hunter and has been afield from the age of 5. He shot his first 3-bird limit of Canada geese by the age of 8. Johnny has killed pigs, geese, dove, and elk by the age of 12. Between the age of 12 and 13 he was on a harvesting spree and to date has taken all big game quarries with one humane shot never losing a single animal.

I owe all of my success to my beautiful wife Naedean. She has been the catalyst with being able to spend so much time in the field. Naedean is the most unselfish human being I have ever met. I am the luckiest guy in the world. And after 16 years of friendship with her - I am more in love with her every day that goes by.

I have a small group of hunting buddies that I have traveled great distances with over the years but my best friend is a 7-year-old Small Munsterlander - his name is Dieter. He is the only living biomass I have met who is more rabid than me regarding the hunting of game animals. Dieter is the most unconditional friend I have ever had.

Dieter unfortunately does not go big game hunting with me (although he is trained and highly competent with tracking all game animals - a NAVHDA requirement). But he will deal with great discomfort in a cargo hold of a plane or relentless hours in the back of the truck inside his crate so he can point, track and retrieve game no matter the feathered quarry. He is driven.

I have shot many-many pigs, lots of elk, a few nice mule deer and more geese, ducks and upland game than I care to discuss. I have been blessed. I am not necessarily a great hunter but more of a guy who has been lucky enough to spend more days in the field than most. I am grateful for this. I hope I am able to add some value to this site and please let me know where I don’t.

Attached are a few pictures of my Dieter in Canada at 15 months old – to me, he is the epitome of hunting. When we are afield together I am no less than humble.

Thanks for having me,



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Glad to have you aboard I am sure there are several hunting tips and knowledge you can bring to the table to help all of us Southern California Hunters. We both knew as kids that hunting was in our blood, from dove hunting out of our back yards to geese hunting in the canyons of Bonita to fishing every night at Sweetwater we made the best of catching and killing shit.

I am glad that we have touched base after all these years and I look forward to finding the day we can get back in the field to hunt some wildlife. I can’t wait to see all your pics in the Huntbook so get them up, sounds like you have some great pictures and stories to show and we all look forward to seeing your trophies.

I will get with you soon so we can have some dialogue brother, peace.
Thanks Mike...yes those were the days when we just walked minutes from our homes to fill our game bags. I signed up on the huntbook and will load up a few picks tomorrow. Look forward to a lunch or dinner when you have time and smashing more stuff together too.
Well written John. It sounds like you’re living the dream right here in Southern California both at home and in the field. I look forward to seeing some of your pictures and hearing some good hunting stories.

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