Hog hunting in Descanco, ca

Larry Cochran

Utah Buck 2010
Jan 8, 2011
Alpine, Ca
If you are interested in doing some Hog hunting locally contact Dougs Wilderness Adventures. I contacted Michelle on 6-27 and she had several spaces available. http://dougswildernessadventures.com/

Larry Cochran
This is a great place to take a kid or a new hunter for a first experience. Doug and Michelle are wonderful people and they run a very enjoyable operation.

If you are an avid hunter and or have hunted pigs in the wilderness, this might not be the hunt for you.

Doug and Michelle offer elk hunts in different states and also have very-very comprehensive classes on hunting, butchering/field care, GPS use, safety etc. I highly recommend all of their classes to all levels of hunters and outdoors-persons.

These are my express opinions derived from my experiences - I know less than most and half as much as some!
I recently took my father to Dougs for his hog butchering class. My father attended one of his hunters safety courses, he is interested in hunting out of state and needed his hunters safety card. Any way, Doug mentioned to me that he may do a more advanced hog hunt/ butchering class where you would go out and shoot an animal in the morning and butcher it. Give him a call if you might be interested. I believe he is offering his butchering class every 2 months. Check out his website..http://dougswildernessadventures.com/

Also, this hog butchering class was a little different than the last, we actually went into the field and skinned the hog on the ground and packed it out. I liked the addition, it seemed much more realistic to go from the kill spot to the break down table.

Larry Cochran
After reading these reviews and checking out his website I decided to contact him for a hog hunt. His wife asked for my number so doug could contact me. He called me on my personal line while I was at work, instead of calling my work line and left a short message with a number. I've tried the number quite a few times at different times of the day and emailed with no response. Now we'll be looking at other places to spend our money.

Pretty dissapointed in their lack of customer service. Just my .02
I know that Doug guides Elk hunts every year in Wyoming so he might be out of town right now, To bad if not he is a pretty cool guy.
Any time I have emailed them they have responded within 24 hours. I will probably be taking my son to him for a Hog hunt. Were going to keep trying on our own for few more months. If no luck then giving him a call.
The first time I emailed she got back to me right away. Sent 2 since then w/no response. I think what ticked me off is that they asked for contact numbers so I gave him my hours I would be at work and a number for there, also a cell phone to reach me any other time. So him not calling me where he knew he could reach me and then not returning my calls makes me think he may be a little shady.

I do hope I am wrong, I was looking forward to checking out a local outfit like their's.
Hang in there Captain B,

Doug and Michelle are good people and there must be a reason that they have not gotten back to you. Give them another call or send them an Email. With the prices of hog hunting going up around the state and the time to drive there exceeding 5 hours they are a good alternative.

Larry Cochran
I was looking at hunting hogs with my nephews and was thinking about this outfit. After reading the previous posts, I am not sure. Can someone shed some light?

I would say give them a call and see what you think. I have been there twice for hog butchering class's and have not hunted hogs there yet but every time I have call them or have emailed them they have gotten back to me quickly with a response.

Just my opinion,

Larry Cochran
I contacted them via email and recieved an email with in two days. i called back and spoke to Doug, he sounded like a guy who wants to teach new hunters and not entertain the wanna bees. He heard me out and gave me sound advice over the phone. Spoke to him for about a half hour, i will definately be taking his butchering and GPS class. Hopefully a hunt in October.
Doug is a great guy! I'd be a little more patient when waiting for a response from him. He guides in other states and may not be sitting next to a phone or computer. My dad and grandpa hunted at his ranch in Descanso. My grandpa has limited mobility and this hunt was perfect for him. Can't wait to take my kids there. If he doesn't respond immediately, there is no reason to get upset or take it personally.

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