Hogs Wild or Bust


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Jan 6, 2011
San Diego
Well guys the SCH crew is on the way to Hogs Wild tomorrow to smack some pigs. Hope to bring back allot of video, pictures and pork. Should be an epic trip with the weather looking good plus it is the best feed times of the whole month and we are on a new moon day, Awesome. See you when we get back.

Mike Pritzl
So...............? How did you guys do.........?
Well the trip is over, 5 of us went and 2 came back with pigs. Got there on Friday, met the owner Larry signed some paperwork and we were hunting. Saw a few pigs the first day, some small 40 pounders and a 250 pounder. I had an opportunity the first night to take a small pig and passed as it fed 45 yards away in the brush. Night one came to an end we had some good dinner and a few drinks and we went to bed. Day two starts with where we were going to set up. I decided to go with Mike to an area he saw a few pigs at and he dropped me off there for the day. I saw a lot of turkey and black tailed deer and a ram. I sat in the area for 11 1/2 hours 6 am to 5:30 pm and finalyl a group of pigs were coming down the trail. I pulled back the bow and let the arrow fly, I saw the iluminock light up and then it disapeared. That pig took off at about a thousand miles per hour down the hill and I can hear him busting through brush. I gather up my things and took off after him. I found him about 100 yards away and he was done. After I field dress him he was about 50 pounds. Another one of the hunters in camp Rick also got a hog that same night and his was probably about 75 pounds after dressing him out. All in all 2 of the 5 got pigs but I saw some great country and am ready to go back sooner that later. I highly recommend Hogs Wild to you hunters out there. Mike took some pics and am sure he will have them up soon.

Good Hunting,
Larry Cochran
Pork Chops !!!!!! 40 % success rate is not bad at all. Way to go guys! Can't wait to see the pic's.
Well as much as I like are annual Hogs Wild hunt I am personally bummed that I could not get it done this trip but I am stoked that my friends Larry and Rick where able to stick a pig.

To follow up with Larry post we got to Coalinga in five hours and after a great breakfast at Perko’s we headed up the mountain to Hogs Wild. Got to the cabins and unloaded are gear and we were in the gate at 10:30am to start our hunt. We split up to cover more ground and within five minutes Larry and I were in pigs. I found a great spot to set up on and while I was setting up my ground cover I look up and see two of the biggest pigs I have ever seen, monsters, walking right in front of me. Before I could get my bow up and drawn they where up the hill and gone, this is pretty much how my whole weekend went for me. I worked the back of the property all weekend and seen forty plus pigs just on Saturday evening but none of them came my way and when you tried to stalk in on them they would bust out of every corner and not stop long enough to get a good shot off.

What a great trip thou I would highly suggest if you haven’t gone to Hogs Wild - www.hogswild.com save up your money and get a few buddies and you will have a great hunt if you like putting in hard days and long walks on unbelievable steep terrain. You would think that 600 acres would be easy, give it a chance some time and you will see it is more like two thousand acres of ass kicking terrain but well worth what you will see. Goats, Deer, Turkeys, and pigs over three hundred pounders, Awesome.

I have included some kill pictures to show but I will post all on them on the main site. On the main site the picture of the two pigs sunning in the dirt I took thru my digital camera by putting the zoom lens in my 8.5 x 56 Nikon from 300 yards away, pretty cool.

Well I still have two pig tags so I am after them this weekend and with a rifle here in San Diego, Hunt on my friends.


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