How are you guys seeing so many deer?...!!!!


Oct 26, 2018
"Dude, how long have you been there?"
"An hour."
"An hour?"
"Are you serious?"
"I've mastered the ability of standing so incredibly still, that I become invisible to the eye. Watch."
"You're eating a Zagnut."
"But my movement... is so slow... that it's imperceptible."
"Mmm, no."
"I'm sure I'm invisible."
"Hi, Drax."


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Nov 28, 2018
West Garden Grove
In all seriousness... the biggest things I was told that I feel helped me the most?

1.) Sit down, Shut up, and Try super-hard not to move. If you must move, move super slowly! Look with your eyes first, before you bother to turn your head at all.
2.) Be super stringent on your scent protocol! OMG Especially if you have Dogs! The scent of Dogs scares the piss out of Mule Deer! Remember, what is a Dog in their World? A Coyote!
Don't let them into your truck as the season approaches... and wash out those seats! Wash clothing in Dye-free Scent-Free or even the special detergents that also don't have the UV blocker chemicals. And LINE-DRY ALL CLOTHING ITEMS!!! If you can, leave them outside like 2 days before-hand so they pickup outside scents, not the scents in your garage. I also happened to have bought an Ozone generator that I will run in the garage the night before when the clothes are hanging in the garage to kill odors. I also like to layout the clothes I'm going to take into the field upon the hides I've processed so they will pickup the scents of the dander particles sloughing off from the fur. I know I can smell it, so I figure they can too. I also make sure on the hike-ins that about 1000yds back from my spots I stop to change out the sweatied up undermost shirt... you know since the part where the back is covered by your pack gets all kinda sweaty on the hike in. I'll either leave that shirt on a particular bush and just make sure to pick it up on my way back out... or.. I'll stuff it into a Ziploc. And on my boots, before leaving the truck I have this scent product that's harvested from bedding areas of farmed deer. It's in a speed-stick thing so I rub in down the toe and side of my boots. That stuff is pretty strong, so even though a bit wears off during the hike in it's still definitely there when you arrive, but now more muted.

And I know for sure concealment gear helps like crazy! Was able to film a Mama Doe and her younger one for almost 15 minutes of video. I was seated on Tripod stool, with bow on my lap... and NOTHING in-between us. I was just scooched-up next to a scrub-oak in its shadow, steep hillside behind me. and they eventually passed by at 17 yards! I had the 3D Leafy suit and mesh facemask. I just always wear the mesh facemask now because I've found it help tremendously with bugs! That plus the leafy gear.. as long as you don't move? You hardly get pestered by the insects...but then... once you get up to move? Oh yeah, they key in to that motion real quick and start to fuss with you again. And when you set back down elsewhere... for a bit you'll have to occasionally quietly blow little puffs of air to shoo an occasional few of them that try to land on my glasses or exposed cheek surface. But that's about it. You'll hear them off and on fly up to attempt to cash-in on your sweat/body moisture which they can smell... but being covered head-to-toe with leafy-gear + facemask? they don't find access points and give up and go elsewhere on their merry way.

I used to be very pestered by the bugs in my spot, tried to do the ThermaCell thing, only marginally successful. But since started doing the Leafy Gear and the Mesh strip Ghillie Suits? Bug no longer an issue... AND... I've had Doe pass consistently under 35 yds from me and never know I was there. Just keep your eyes peeled on them. And if you mess up and happen to move a little and they see it. You just pause and do the "freeze game" as I call it, and with the concealment gear, after a brief period of alert... as long as you don't move anymore... they calm back down and figure, they were mistaken or something. It's really cool when that happens and they settle back down!

Matter of fact... one time... I had a Mama Doe and very youngish fawn... resting in the shade of some kind of tree similar in size to a scrub oak, but with less foliage, so you could see thru it a little bit. And they were only like... I'd say 30yds away... and they were there for a good long time. That was very cool to watch. Very relaxing.

When you're checking out for potenitals spots to come back to? PAY ATTENTION to the direction of the wind and how it changes depending on the time of day! Remember that!!! Commit it to memory! Use that info when planning your day in that area! "In the morning I'm gonna go here... then after HH:MM when the wind changes I'm gonna break for lunch then head over to here so that the wind, around 2P starts blowing this other way so I can then sit and watch for them returning here entereing in from this direction in the PM!" That sorta thing.

These are things which have helped me. And these were in areas where your visibility is not extensive. It's quite limited by the all the chapparal surrounding this more open area creating an "edge". Like all the books say... "hunt the 'edge'! "

Also... it sure seems like they like to use gullies (or coolies I've heard them called also) to traverse thru an area, since it keeps them out of the line-of-sight of the main viewing plane across an area. Also they're they're no dummies... they know that walking in that gulch has much less crunchy "potato-chips" to walk on in that sandy/rock ground, then out of the gulch/gullie where there is dried-up oak leaves everywhere being all super noisy.
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Mar 6, 2019
After reading/studying this particular forum I’d say I’m extremely excited to get out and get my first deer this coming season! Saw these two ladies today after about 1 1/2 hours of looking/glassing. Walked up on them eating at about 50-75 yards. As you can see I was spotted by one of them but didn’t seem to spook them. Very thankful there’s a website like this that has goldmines of info!5B3387C8-2E90-40B4-9AD8-B680AADAA335.jpegBE512B5A-0C20-4221-B089-F728C65CBF47.jpeg4075AC74-D341-463B-BDFB-605E3AB0E551.jpegD392D9B9-E332-4E24-87A7-66433837F2AD.jpeg


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Nov 28, 2018
West Garden Grove
Once you get out there and start getting good with your sitting-still skills, in the shadows... backed-up against something to break-up your outline, with concealment gear and playing the "Freeze Game"... you'll start to be amazed at all the cool close-encounters you'll start to have from Time-to-Time!

I filmed this 15 minutes encounter with my cellphone. Sitting on a Tripod Stool... with 3D Leafy concealment gear... with NOTHING in-between us... and them passing by at 17yds at the closest point! And me sitting there... with a bow with an arrow knocked in it... on my lap.