Howa 1500 .22-250 For Sale

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Oct 13, 2011
San Diego
I agree. I guess with what the internet is that, we just have to let the newbies figure out who is real and who is not and what matters and what doesn't. I just hope that some of the newcomers don't caught up in the nonsense and abandon the sport because they are overwhelmed by some folks that think beyond the basics and make it complicated with technology. With that being said I'm signing off on this subject despite as much as I would like to help others ( I'm no expert but I'm still willing to help if anyone who has a question just PM and I will give you all I know).


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Feb 11, 2019
after many years I carry smaller and smaller calibers and lighter guns because I have learned its just not neccesary to be the biggest badass walking down the trail. Too many folks out there with too much testerone running through their bodies...
There you have it. I agree, IMO people try to compensate for the lack of skills by getting a bigger gun. Not to mention the bigger better more badass ego.

That riffle is sweet.