Hunter Safety Class - San Diego


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May 17, 2011
Novice hunter - just completed my Hunting Safety Class this past weekend and wanted to share my experience. Completed my on-line portion - and was actually impressed with the rigor and breadth - then had to find someone offering the 4 hour class to receive my Certificate of Completion. I registered through the DFG Website with Doug's Wilderness Adventures for the 4 hour follow on class. Having talked with the DFG folks, I knew that the folks giving the classes are volunteers who aren't getting paid. Frankly, I expected a boiler plate experience teaching us the test that would be done in about 2 hours. I was blown away - Doug - a fireman here in SD who guides hunts in the Western US - treated our class like he was teaching folks he would having to be hunting with. We walked through the practical things we'd need to know - where to put a killing shot - using one of his mules as a living model -- mil dot ranging, bullet selection based on his experience with thin and thick skinned game -- way beyond the book answer and explained in the simple, practical terms. Our graduation exercise was a 90 game walk across his property spotting game sign, reading wind and weather. Between our class and nature walk, Doug and Michelle managed a home cooked lunch anchored around Elk chili. Yes - our four hour class was actually a 6.5 hour hunting class - taught by someone who really cares and knows what he is talking about. So -- if you are looking for a class that will get you started on the right foot, Doug's is the right place to start. I suspect his guided hunting trips are just as educational and rewarding.
Well Written! SCH absolutely endorses Doug. :)

Oh - and welcome aboard Mr. Burdell!
Thank you for the welcome aboard and kind words. My pleasure to jot a few words down to acknowledge excellent work. JFB
Doug offers many classes for hunters and outdoorsman. He has a hog butchering class, gps, map reading class, elk hunters tune up as well as the class offering a hog hunt on his property. Doug and his wife are great people and I would recommend any of his classes for new or experienced hunters. Check out his web site. It is under

Larry C.
Welcome aboard and great article. I am very impressed so far with what Doug and his wife bring to hunting and we
are workign towards some guided hunts in Wyoming when he is up there, Thanks for the info it is always great read what are hunting friends have to offer, keep up the good work. Peace.

I would completely agree with all you have said. I know Doug and he is a great person and friend. He has a ton of knowledge to offer and truly does it because he loves sharing his knowledge to help others. He is excellent with children and I highly recommend his Hunter Safety for kids. He truly enjoys catering to the youth. Even Doug's kids help out with the hunter safety courses. There entire family is very experienced in the outdoors. I truly enjoy having him as a friend and someone to have for advice.

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