Hwy 14 out of Cedar City heading to Duck Creek Village


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Jan 6, 2011
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Hey Utah group, check out this picture that my friend Damien sent me of a mountain slide that took out Hwy 14 out of Cedar City which is the same road we take up the mountain to Duck Creek Village every year on our archery hunt. Hopefully they will have this fixed by next August or its going to be the long way around.
I was told that the entire mountain shifted and covered up and destroyed the entire road. The slide was so big that the trees where still standing up, massive slide.


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Mike, I got a call and email from the guy I know in Duck Creek today about this too. He said it happened last weekend at 5:00 a.m. on 14 right after Milts. Nobody was hurt that he knows of. It is now closed for up top 9 months.

I can't see fixing this in 9 months when winter is right around the corner.

Below are more pictures.


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That is unreal we ate at rusty's just down from milt's and then took a ride up to check the cabin in the village cant imagine what we would of done to get out of there with the kids. Very sad that stretch is pretty cool when it gets 5 foot long ice sickles hanging on the rock cliffs don't see that being repaired in 9 month's .
I have some buddies Elk Hunting up there right now in Duck Creek and they are having to take the turn towards Bryce Canyon to Parowan and than circle back to the 15 to get to Cedar City. Not cool

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