Lion surprize!

It looks like it is in the left bottom corner in front of the white flowers??? ???
Yes they are sneaky aren't they. Unfortunately, it is hard to see with the reduce pixel version. In the full size pic the lion is clear. But if you look at the left side border about half way up you can see the top of its brown outline through the brush. He is quartering away starting at the rump on the extreme edge of the picture then scanning to the right you will see his back, head, pointed ears and muzzle.

I will take to send a blown up version.
Wow...I can see it in the other picture now! Thanks John.
Ive seen them cross the road while driving, and another time while riding off-road on a motorcycle.
Just wondering if you guys have seen them while out hunting or scouting? I never have.
I have only seen one Cougar...ever. I was on a pig hunt in Paso Robles Ca. and came across one in the evening up by some earthquake buildings (used to monitor earthquake activity).
Every year I see their tracks and deer kills. Over the years I've had four encouters.

1982: I was in Kitchen Creek quail hunting with my step brother. We bumped into a cat at about 40 yards as he stood on top of a large boulder. He starred us down for about 30 seconds then ran off.
1995: I was riding a horse on the Cuyamacha State Park. Suddenly, my horse stopped then started snorting and dancing. I started to give her a whack but she lowered her head and pointed her ears fully forward. I looked up the trail and there was this big cat sitting in the trail about 50' ahead. I yelled at him and waived my arms but he wouldn't move. After about a minute I threw a water bottle at him and he ran off. (I apologized to my horse later.)
2002: San Diego, I had just crested a hill and started glassing into a narrow valley. I spotted a group of 7 does. They were on alert looking to my left. Then I saw a lion crawling on his belly stalking the deer. He later spotted me and ran off.
2007: I was in Tehachapi bow hunting in the D9. I had spent two hours stalking a pair of bucks that were feeding in some waste high brush. I then heard a swishing noise in the brush behind me. Both deer alerted and ran off. I was beyond frustrated. I stood up to see what got me busted and there was this cat about 50' away. He starred me down for a bit then ran off. As I back-tracted my steps to the truck I saw that the cat had followed me for over a mile. It was a little weird seeing his tracks over mine.
That last encounter was a bit creepy (2007). Your a cat magnet dude!
Makes me wonder about the logic behind that CDF&G law prohibiting firearms while bow hunting. Like they can't tell the difference between a gun shot wound and a broad head on a deer carcass?
Add that to the long list of laws and definitions that make no sense in the Republic of Kalifornia.
[quote author=Already discovered if you hunt with John, stay in front of him because the cats are following.

Ha ha...that's good. Sounds like a quick call to DFG to ask where the concentration of cats are in SD county and you have a pretty good idea of where his hunting spots are! ;D
Look who showed up for the A22 closer. No wonder my spot has been slow the last 2 weeks. This year has been ridiculous for longtails! At least he waited until the closer to show up. Maybe its a professional courtesy?


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