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Mar 1, 2011
So with my wife ready to give birth any day now with our second son, she gave me the green light to go out one last time until the kids born. I hit up the same spot I been hunting since opening day of A22 but I didn't have really high hopes because of the full moon. Now a few weeks back I spotted a group of hogs here so I have been packing my 308 in my truck. Well the morning was uneventful wit only two does coming out into the field so I decided to sit up on a ridge overlooking the field and just waited.

About 5 minutes of glassing, I noticed 6 black dots on the opposite side and they were moving quite a bit, PIGS! I run back to the truck, get my rifle and run after the hogs. Well at first I thought I lost them but I ended up in the honey hole of wild hogs. As I got closer I noticed a whole mess of hogs with probably 3 dozen footballs running around. I saw a nice fat dry sow so as she came to 25 yards I put a round in her. She got up ran and went down so as I approached to claim my prize, two boars come running out of the brush. I yelled to try and get them to stop but one would not and I ended up shooting at it at less then 10 feet :eek:

The boar ran off with the entire sounder and I could not find the boar. I load the sow up (took about a hour and a half) gut it out and run home to get my brother and my pig dogs. As I get back and get out of the truck, we spot 7 hogs on a hill side with 6 boars trying to mate with a single sow. My dogs catch the scent and off they go after the group of hogs. My lead dog Taro singles out a boar in the 180lb range and my young dog in training gets right in the mix with Taro. As they work to bay the boar up, the rest of the hogs come to help their friend out and eventually the dogs back off as a large boar throws Taro around as Taro grabs hold of the smaller boar. Once the dogs come back, we head toward the area where I last saw the boar I fired at.

As we get closer the dogs run into the brush and again I hear barking and squealing. The dogs end up finding two wet sows with a crap load of piglets. I backed the dogs off and leashed them up. We start searching the area and back track the hogs moves. No blood and nothing within a 1.5 mile radius, we search for over 4 hours with and without dogs and we just could not locate a hog. I felt horrible but I may have missed the shot so I think the hogs is OK although I have this bad feeling in the back of my head. :-[

Soooooo it looks like our hog population is super healthy and growing at a fast rate.


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What a great story Matagi! Great hog too. I have admiration for your effort to try and recover the boar. Your a good hunter.

Thanks again for posting and for adding such a great picture.
Thanks guys, I still have this gut feeling that that boar is dead some where...

My hog dogs are from Japan, they have been used exclusively to hunt wild boar since the Jomon priod in Japan (equivalent to the native americans). They are usually hunted with either one or two dogs and they are both bay dogs and catch dogs. If any one is interested in a pup, my female Kishu inu in the picture was just mated with my male lead dog. Parents of both dogs are all hog hunters in Japan and my lead dog comes from a rare but famous "hosoda" line of Kishus.
Great Report and Awesome Story! Congratulations on the hog. I hunted with dogs once for hogs and it was really cool in its own way. It’s all about the training and the skills of the dogs. Watching them work together and hunt like wolves. Back to the basics just like 500 years ago.
Nice hog!

I followed one this morning for several hours. He was headed for lower elevation where the acorns are falling. I saw him only once and his nose busted me at about 35 yards. I circled down wind and waited about two hours. He worked his way towards me slowly ( I could only hear him this time, heavy cover of grape vines) but busted me again with that nose. First pig I've seen in two years and very nervous. I guess they're still out there.
Glad to hear there are a growing number of hogs out there. Loved your story. I had a boar charge me up in Santa Margartita a few years back. He came to within 20' before my third round dropped him. I guess that's why they call them the poor man's grizzly bear.

Congrats on your pig. That should eat pretty good.
Very nice Matagi and nice story, you have a hot spot on these pigs that is great and using dogs locally is something very few are doing so I commend you on that, good work.
And congrats on the new baby boy on the way. Hope everything goes smooth with the birth. Keep us posted.
The dog in the pic is my new pup Yuki, she will be one at the end of this month and hopefully she will produce some nice pups.

Thanks, I'll let you all know when thekid is born. Hope he turns out like his brother and becomes a hunter and fisherman!
Now that's some encouraging news! Congrats on getting after them and bringing home the bacon! It sounds like, if that boar was mortally wounded, your dogs would have found it. Pretty cool dogs with an interesting heritage you have there.

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