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Jan 18, 2014
The general theme of these posts seems to be "buy, buy, buy" . I don't think so. Yeah, you need some gear but you gotta figure out if you are hunting or buying.

Learn the area you hunt. That means walk it, and live in it for a while. Learn to shoot your rifle. There was a kernel of truth when someone above said it could take years. My first buck I met as a fawn with his mother beside a trail. For the next three years I was aware of where I could find him and who he was with.

Eventually, I gave up on bigger bucks and focused on him. Found him in the general area he frequented. Called a fawn bleat after being set up. Saw him with mom and his sister. He stepped out to investigate/defend. Popped him at 156 yds with a iron sight muzzleloader.

But I put in the time.


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Dec 26, 2013
Less is more

Way too much over lapping of gear.

Get out there and you'll figure it out....
I'll second this. No one is going to be able to tell you how it's going to work for you. You need to go out and figure it out. The two things I'll recommend for big game are binoculars and OnX maps. Other than that you will end up making your own decisions about gear as time goes on. You can hunt on most BLM and national forest land. Learn how to use OnX and go out and explore the areas around you. Sprig mentioned getting a shotgun and hunting birds and small game... most of us started hunting quail, dove and rabbits. You can learn a ton walking around kicking up quail. The only thing that will make you consistently successful is a desire to be out there and figure it out. We all have our own styles. The guys that are getting it done year after year are passionate about the process more than the result.

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