Merry Christmas to me with a new bow.

invisible man

Walk The Line
Oct 7, 2011
About 20 feet up
Went to the Bow and Arrow Shop today to find a new bow.After watching endless videos and reading a crap load of reveiws,I had it narrowed down to PSE and Bowtech,If you look at the technology and features in each of their "flag ship bows",then it really does not make a bit of since to buy anything else.Bruce and the guys there set up a PSE X-FORCE EVO,and a Bowtech Invasion for me and I shot them both over and over.I gotta say I loved them both,both bows are extremely fast and smooth and quiet,but to me the EVO won hands down.0 vibration,0 hand torqe,and ultra fast and silent.The nail in the coffin for me was price.Although the Invasion might have been a little bit smoother on the draw,I think the EVO felt better in my hand,and it is a couple hundred bucks cheaper.So I am now the pround owner of a X-Force Dream Season Evo.It is shooting 317fps@ 66.5lbs and 28.5" of draw. 0 to 30 with 1 pin.There is no visible arrow flight,you pull the trigger and arrow appears at the target.I am totaly stoked.
Great bow IM, when it comes to those two bows it really comes down to feel in what shoots best for you. Good Hunting
I talked to Bruce tonight about your new bow IM and he is stoked for you and appreciates your comments, Thanks for sharing.
If it felt best in your hand, at full draw and made you tingle all over when you shot it, You made the right choice. I shot PSE bows for years (20+) and actually did just the opposite of you. I went to the Bowtech. Bottom line is, if you feel comfortable and have confidence in your rig you will shoot it well. No matter the choice, most manufactures are putting out some stellar products today with high intensity placed in the engineering and the quality. Have fun with it.

I dig it when I see a guy say he's shooting a 27, 28, 29 inch bow and 66 lbs. Tells me the MOCHO thing (31" 80lbs) has not been an influence on your selection. Completely emphasizes the fact you got fit correctly.

Aim Hard, Pick a Spot and shoot Straight!! 8)

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