Mount Laguna Hunt 5/10 and 11....disaster




When hunting Laguna Mountain Recreation area, pack a handgun!!

Not for wounded Turkeys but for "Tweekers" who are acting as "Highwaymen". (We think it was someone watching us with malicious intent)
We exited the ground blind for less than 1/2 hour only to come back to a ravaged blind.

Today I had 3000 dollars worth of hunting gear stolen. In 42 years I've NEVER had anything stolen in the field. As a sportsman we respect each other. (Until Now)

A Diamond Rock 2.0 bow with an IQ bow sight, a Rip Cord rest, stabilizer, limbsavers and more. This thing was tuned to perfection with many other goodies like my arrows with broad heads.

Also stolen was my pack.

Inside included...
$300.00 Legend HD Binoculars
$500.00 Panasonic digital camera
$200.00 Release
$150.00 Watch
bow holder
head net
and much more.

The bow, IQ sight, camera and binoculars have serial numbers
A police report has been filed.


All they took from my wife's pack was the trail Mix.

Oh happy day.

I am sorry to hear about your loss. This just shouldn't happen. Packing a handgun in the Rec. Area can also be risky but I agree sometime you have to way the risk.

The Rec area has really turned me off over the last number of year. This is why I have stayed away from it.

Again sorry to hear about your loss
That sucks, sorry to hear this. I have had trail cameras and tree stands stolen over the last 10 years. Where were you hunting in general, what were you near? My parents live up there and i want to give them a heads up. I guess you cant trust anyone anymore.

I am very sorry about what happened. It does not sound like a hunter would have done that. I hope not anyway. I will keep my eyes peeled for your gear on lists etc.

Darryl is right, karma will run full circle on the individual who did this - that you can bank on.

Thanks guys for the kind words.
We were off Los Huechos Road

Funny that my darling sweetheart had a wave of nausea overcome her. We closed up the blind and left for a very short time. It was odd that within minutes her nausea left her so we quickly returned only to find we were ripped off.
I believe EVERYTHING in life happens for a reason.
Could it have been that her feeling miserable was a signal to leave before something REAL BAD happened to us? hmmmm?

Makes me wonder.
Modern thieves are desperate and can be considered dangerous as a cornered animal.
The blind looks closed up while we are inside it.

Makes me wonder.

Oh yea...I have a concealed weapons permit for California. I just never considered I'd need it in the field.
Wow! That really sucks. I had guns stolen from me years ago. It sure pissed me off.

Remember that good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people.
I like to consider myself a good guy.

Karma.. What comes around.....

This too will pass like a good crap in the morning. Sure it stinks but there's something good to come of it.

If I ever observed a scum bag stealing something I'd beat his head in with a tire iron and call the police stating that as I tried to stop him he slipped and hit his head.
His word against mine and he's the thief.

Sorry to hear about this bro. One of the reasons I started this web-site is because I had two cameras stolen up there; back to back years. I know it is not hunters but it really sucks that people cannot leave stuff alone. Everyone up there thinks they own the place. One of these days we will catch these people and they will pay for sure.
I think it's someone who "RENTS" one of those cabins. They have some Eco-nutcase idea that those animals belong to them. Many actually call them their "Pets".

I'd LOVE to have one of those nasty hooked spurred toms (pets) who are mean as a rattle snake rip one of those jerks up and reward the Animal Planet idiot with a gift of 150 stitches.

Thanks for this site, I'm spreading the word.
Did you get a new bow yet? You know you need one................. ???
Yea..Got a new (used) bow.

I got a used 2008 Bowtech Equalizer from The Bow-N-Arrow shop in Lakeside.
I'm pulling 52 pounds with 26" of draw.

It shoots great. Better than my Diamond by far!

With a 260 grain target arrow it chronographs at 295 fps.
With my 367 grain Easton hunting arrows -- 265 fps.

I just took 6th out of 60 in a club 3-D on Sunday. I even dropped two targets.

I've been shooting since last Christmas.

Still no leads on the puke who ripped me off. I've been checking.

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