My sons first shot at a buck


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Feb 27, 2011
Covina Ca
Took my 15 yr old out to d-11 and as were driving up to the ridge we spot a buck off the road. We parked the truck and walk to the edge of road knowing the buck was just below us. I ranged the distance of a nearby bush on the trail he was on and it was 52 yards. The buck finally steps out and I doe bleep him, he stops and my son is at full draw and shoots and arrow goes a foot over his back. This was the first time he got to draw his bow back at a deer. It was pretty cool for him but he was mad that he missed. Kind of my fault too because I told him 50 yards: We really didnt take any yardage off for the downhill shot. We never have hunted with a range finder before and a friend just gave us this one to use. Oh ya we always give a smile to the trail cam we walk by every time....
Great story! Those 50+ yard shots are always TOUGH. To be drawing on a deer for the first time, fighting back the fever and all, then to miss by a mere foot shows he has skills. Tell your son its the second best shot he could have made. All we want as hunters is either a clean hit or a clean miss.

For me, its the mistakes that learns me best. After hearing your story I just might go out and practice my elevated 50 yard shots this afternoon.

Hope he keeps after them and doesn't get discouraged.
Great to see that you are getting him out there for some oppurtunities. My son Justin who is 17 now shot his first doe when he was 15 in the Lagunas and now he is three for three with back to back bucks in Utah the last two years. The more chances he gets the more confidance he will gain. He should not be mad at any 50 yd shots most adults I know cant make that shot, good hunting.

That is awesome that he got a shot off at a buck. All the missed opportunities just make the final reward that much sweeter. His day will come.

A range finder is a must in my book unless you are an instinctive shooter not using pins. There are a few good used ones on ebay right now. I was just on looking for a friend.
Thanks we will get it done! This is his 3rd year hunting and he is 2 for 2 so far with his rifle. I have them both on video too. My other son whos 11 wanted to moon the trail cam. ;D. I dont use them but when we walked by it at night hiking out, it only flashed once while we were slowly walking by? Just thought it would have taken more pictures...
Most camera's take 1 picture per minute. Have you and your boy been out again?
yES we have been out. This Sunday we hunted up glendora mountain road but the fog was so thick you couldnt see anything. Only thing we saw was an injured biker who took a header on his road bike and looked really tore up. Fire dept rolled up as we passed by. We came down mountain and went to breakfast and then went back out to another area and saw 7 deer including a really dk horned 3 by 2 who was running with two does. We tried to run around and cut him off down the canyon but he eluded us....
Cool. My wife was up in A31 last weekend for the opener but didn't see anything from the stand. Good to hear there are some bucks running around up there.

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