new guide in town


"will work for tag"
Oct 28, 2011
prescott valley,AZ
Hey guys I know you all know how difficult it is to draw a premium tag..So when you do finally draw are you prepared for and/or have the knowledge of the area you've drawn to harvest yourself an animal of a lifetime? Just an FYI my kid and I were recently hired by Marvin James Guide Services out of Flagstaff..We will be guiding hunts in Az and N.M. for elk,deer and antelope.If your looking for any help on your hunts go to Marvins website..good luck on all your hunts this year...Jeff a.k.a ONEAZBOWHUNTER
Suggest any areas that offer good hunting with an over the counter tag in AZ?
Ya John if your coming over I can point you in the right direction. I personally don't like hunting the August/September otc hunt.( it HOT)It's a hell of a lot more fun to chase em in the rut..I prefer to hunt the high country this time of year...

Here are the available tags as of this morning:

General Deer
Hunt No. Number of Permits Unit
1049 6 30A
1096 24 29
1097 124 29
1098 4 29
1100 133 30A
1101 156 30A
1102 97 30A
1105 28 30B
1121 100 34A
1124 28 34B
1125 8 34B
1128 104 35A (Except Ft. Huachuca)
1129 204 35A (Except Ft. Huachuca)
1130 34 35A (Except Ft. Huachuca)
1132 69 35B
1133 171 35B
1136 70 36A
1137 294 36A
1138 111 36A
1140 75 36B
1141 398 36B
1142 230 36B
As you know the better units are already taken. The 34a and 34b units have a lot of whitetail and you should have no problem filling your tag.Just don't be too picky.I can send you in the right direction.
1st hunt was pretty successful although my client didn't fill his tag.. He had his chances and didn't make the best of them.I showed him several nice bulls and few smokers.I called bulls inside 20 yards for him..Even called in a bear with a cow call to 10 feet. I'll post a few pics soon..Going to be on the road here in a few days for N.M. muzzelloader hunts.I hope I have a couple clients that can shoot straight!
Awesome Jeff. Hows does your own hunting time factor in? My dream hunt is a bowhunt for a monster Gila bull during the rut. Maybe in a few years....
The first ever draw hunts I applied for on my own were in Az, the factors that I looked at were -are they killing elk (or deer) ? is the terrain something I can hunt (I was young with not much gear) and are the draw odds something I can accompiish given my skill set and urgency to hunt. I picked the low sucess stuff that had walkable terrain and worked my butt off. When I followed my intuitions and worked hard I always came home with what I set out to find, none of it trophy grade but thats what keeps me looking walking and looking out in front of me when I'm in the wilds...

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