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young gun

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Aug 10, 2011
Hello all,

I originally placed an ad on craigslist to help find a hunting partner, and someone replied with the suggestiong that I try this forum. Im pretty new to the hunting world but I was really interested in hoping to find a more experience hunter that would be willing to show me tips, tricks and spend time to educate a young hunter.

I am especially interested in participating in the upcoming Duck and Turkey Seasons. I would like to hunt on public land, as I dont really have money to spend on a guided hunt. I would be willing to split costs for gas, food, or any other type of expenses that might come up.

I have my Hunters Safety Course done, my CA Hunting License, as well as a 12 gauge shotgun. I am located in San Diego, CA.

Thanks in advance.
Hello Young Gun and welcome to the SCH site. We built this site for all us to share in helping everyone get on track with their hunting direction. I have been hunting San Diego and the West for over forty years so touch base with me on anything I can help with. I am leaving next week and taking fifteen guys to Utah for an archery deer hunt but when I come back on the 29th we can hook up and i will get you on the right path to hunting success in San Diego.

Are you a rifle hunter or do you archery hunt also? Stay in touch and circle back to me when I get back, Good Hunting brother.

Thanks for getting back to me Mike.

I have never used a bow of any kind, and I only have a shotgun, but I have fired different types of rifles before just not hunting. I plan on purchasing either a .22 rifle soon. I was looking at a Savage Mark 2, the bolt action. Its inexpensive and Ive heard good things about Savage rifles.
Go see our guys at Fine Fire Arms in La Mesa and they can point you in the right
direction for what you want in a .22

Are you going to go down to the El Centro for the Dove Opener? If so touch base
with me and I will circle back to you after I get back from our Utah Deer Hunt.

Good Hunting
Young gun,

Sorry but my partner list is full right now. (My kids are my partners.) Its tough to get hooked up with someone during the season.

My suggestion is to join some clubs and get to know the people. (SCI, Project 2000, Ducks Unlimited, Quail Unlimited, Predator Caller Assoc., etc.) The peeps in this town are VERY shy about giving up their spots and with good reason.

Example, several years ago I talked to a guy that I met at my wife's work Christmas party. He was desperate to find a new hunting partner. After spending some time getting to know him I agreed to take him quail hunting. I made him promise not to give away the location of my spots. One week later I went out with another friend to my hard earned spot and there was the same guy with someone else shooting everything in sight. Over the next month he was there every weekend and ruined the spot. This kind of thing has happened to me several times so it makes me sort of gun shy.

That's one of the reasons why its why its tough to find a new partner. If someone knows you well they are more likely to invite you to go hunting with them.

Sorry to be so pessimistic but that's the facts. If you keep at it you'll hook up with someone eventually.

In the mean time get out there and hunt. As success comes to you others will be drawn to you.

Happy trails!
Michael Pritzl said:
Young Gun you ready to hunt, ? Get back with me if I can help, Thanks. Mike

Im am always ready to hunt! Unfortunately Ive run into some car trouble which has eaten up a lot of my time and money. But im willing to find a way! What are the details?

And teachanother:

Thanks for the info. Ive heard about that being the main problem with new hunting buddies too. Its unfortunate that they abuse the time and effort someone else was willing to share with them.

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