New Hunter, Got a Tikka 30-06


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Apr 6, 2012
Lakeside, CA
So, I got to pick up my tikka today. I have to say that the guys at Fine Firearms are the best, nothing but great service and great info thanks guys.. I have heard very good things about these guns. I had the opportunity to shoot my dads 308 Tikka and with cheep federal shot sub moa.. MAN I WANT TO GO SHOOT!!!!! This will be the first year getting into hunting, I'm looking to try and take a local hog and do some upland too. I welcome ideas for finding good huntable areas to look for hogs.
Until I can work up some hand loads I will be feeding her some federal premium 165gr with the sierra gameking bullets because that's what I want to create with my hand loads. I will be trying to put up some Pics when I can figure it out. I took some with my phone but I don't have internet on the phone and they won't transfer to the computer.
Sierra game kings shoot really well. But if you are going to do any hunting in condor range in California they aren't legal. You may want to work up a second load with a lead free bullet just in case.

You should be able to text pics to your e-mail.
Thanks lungpoper... After I have a chance to shoot her I'll update some more. Regarding your comment on the condor ammo restriction, what bullet would you recommend?
D72Blazer said:
Thanks lungpoper... After I have a chance to shoot her I'll update some more. Regarding your comment on the condor ammo restriction, what bullet would you recommend?

I have been loading the Barnes TTSX and they are working really well.
Tikka T3 Hunter 30-06 with Talley 1" rings. That's where my pocket book went dry.... :( so I had to mount the scope that I had available which is a BSA 4-16 x 40 mil dot side focus objective... I am saving up to put a Leopold on it.. Thanks for the tip lungpopper I'll have to load some of those up.
Great choice on the rifle and rings,definitely need to redo the scope. It'll let you down, for sling look into a Murry one piece, they're made in Texas cost about $65 if I remember right and you'll never want to use any other brand
I got out to the range today and man this gun is sweet.. I was mainly breaking in the barrel but managed a couple of nice groups.. all with factory ammo.


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Here is some pics


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Half inch groups during break in! You may have a very special rifle there my friend!

Strong work...
I handle rifles every day and have owned my share as well. Pound for pound - dollar for dollar Tikka is probably one of the finest rifles made in its price range and then some!
I don't plan on selling this one.. I sold a gun that was shooting about a 2" group to this one, to say I am in love is an understatement.. With hand loading and some practice on my part who knows how tight she'll shoot...

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