New World Record Mule Deer?


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Jan 6, 2011
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Courtesy of Kings Outdoor World Blog

New World Record Mule Deer?
So here is the biggest rumor and news of 2011 – A possible world record archery mule deer. There is not much information yet on this buck and is being held pretty quiet for now (I can understand that). But some information that has been trickling through is this buck was taken last week in Saskatchewan, Canada by Cody Robbins. This monster double drop tine buck could quite possibly be the biggest mule deer taken with a bow. Numbers of 295 gross and 287 net P&Y are being thrown around right now. Until I can find out some more definite information, this is what we have to go by.

So what does this mean?
This is big news! If this information is true, could this buck really be the new world’s record? The current world record buck from Pope & Young is the Kenneth Plank mule deer that officially net scores 274 7/8 inches. The Plank buck was taken in Colorado in 1987 and has stood a long time as the top spot, which is quite surprising when you think about how far bowhunting and archery equipment has come in the last 20 years. There have been some big archery bucks taken in years past, but nothing to beat out the Plank buck. If the green score of 287 net holds up with this new buck, it could very well become the new world record.

What about the velvet?
Clearly this buck was taken in the velvet. Pope and Young does accept and recognize velvet bucks, but in their own separate category. However, it is important to note that a velvet buck will not be recognized as an official world record. It can be the biggest velvet buck, but won’t be the top dog even if it scores higher than the current score of 274 7/8 P&Y. The Kenneth Plank buck was taken hard-horned in 1987.

What are the Options?
If Cody Robbins really did arrow this monster buck and scores what it does, he has a choice to make. Keep it in the velvet and probably easily be the biggest archery buck….but no chance at world record? Or strip the velvet and wait the 60-day drying period and enter it hard-horned. If the score still comes in higher than 274 7/8 net, he will be the new world record. It will take some time as it will have to wait to be panel scored to be officially official. At a possible green net score of 287, he does have some room to play with. It is still green, so there will be some shrinkage for sure after 60 days. Add to the fact that if he strips the velvet he will lose additional inches on top of that. It all comes down to how tight they green score it and keep the numbers very conservative so there are not big surprises later (I have seen that happen all too many times).

Courtesy of Kings Outdoor World Blog


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That would be real nice to chase bucks like this one around each year, just to get the oppt to pattern a buck that this in San Diego would be fun. That is why we go to Utah every year because there you truly do not know what is going to come in on a given day.
That's defined as a "DONKEY" in my book, I agree Utah is a great place to hunt deer and probally one of my favorites, but there are some great areas and some bucks worthy of pursuit right here in Ca.

This is a buck taken about two weeks ago near Bishop ( less than 6 hour drive) which is where I hunt when I can, and will do a rifle hunt on horse back in two weeks.

I don't know this guy, he is a friend of my nephew. Not sure what this buck scores...good for Ca.though!


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Sweet Cali Buck, I have allot of connections in doing D-7 DYI trips where they pack you in for a week of rifle deer hunting that puts you on the back side of X9-A. Good luck on your hunt I look forward to seeing some pics.
Michael Pritzl said:
Sweet Cali Buck, I have allot of connections in doing D-7 DYI trips where they pack you in for a week of rifle deer hunting that puts you on the back side of X9-A. Good luck on your hunt I look forward to seeing some pics.

Thanks Mike, I look forward to posting something worthy, which pack station do you have the connection? I only know of Mc Gee creek and North Lake, my brother lives by Tom's Place/ Rock Creek and knows most of the packers.
That seems reasonable if the gear is quality, in good condition and the horses/mules do what is asked of them.

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