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Aug 27, 2012
San Diego, CA
Hello everyone,

I am completely new to hunting, my family never showed interest in the sport. I have recently developed a new interest in hunting and happened across the forum when googling wild boar hunting. I look forward to picking all the experienced hunters brains for information. My interest are boar and deer hunting. I welcome any advice anyone wants to give. I do have some experience around guns... I have 12 years in the military, but I don't own any. My first question for the forum is what rifle should suit me best for these types of game? I know there are an arsenal of rifles I can choose from and each is different from the other. I'm not trying to choose a specific weapon, I am just trying to know a general direction I can look at.

I have read some of the threads in the newbie den and I will be signing up for a hunters safety course with Doug in Descanso. Thanks to all who reply. I really appreciate any information that is given.

Welcome to the site Ernesto! And thank you for serving in the military.

If you are looking for a do all cartridge I suggest you consider a .308. It will kill moose to antelope and more. It just may be the perfect pig deer combo rig as well.
Welcome to the site. Bolt action 308 is a great place to start. Since you were in the military you know the importance of good boots. Next would be a decent pair of binos.
Welcome Ernesto, you have found a good source of information, all of the above that was mentioned is good advice, all I can add is if you are shopping for a gun visit the folks at Fine Firearms in La Mesa, There is a fella there by the name of John that can help you make the right decisions about the gear you need.
Thanks gentlemen for your advice! I will be looking in to .308 for my hunting needs. A buddy of mine suggested looking at a Remington 770. As Snake Chamer suggested I will be going to Fine Firearms to find a weapon that meets my needs. Again thank you all for the info!
Welcome to a very challenging, and sometimes rewarding, pastime.

I lean towards a 30.06
.308 is a great caliber but don't discount .270 and 30-06. Remington model 700 is my favorite bolt gun. Wouldn't even consider another make.

LIke Lungpopper said, don't skimp on the glass. Good bino's and good scope. Doesn't make sense to spend $700-900 on a rifle to put a $100 scope on it. Same with bino's. You can't shoot what you can't find.

And a tip, don't EVER use your scope to look for game. That way you'll never point your rifle at a human being.

Get yourself a map for the forest near you. If its the Cleveland Natl Forest, you can get a good topo alas as well. Become familiar with public land areas and just start exploring. Take your kids, wife, girlfriend out on hikes and get to know some areas. Mornings and evenings are the times game are most active.

Good luck!
There are a lot of great calibers and great guns out there - everyone has an opinion. That is what makes it so fun to shop for a new rig.

Here is my pick of the Day -

Tikka T3 in .308 with S&K mounts and a Leupold VXIII 2.5 - 8

That my friend, would be a killing machine that has feature sets that compare to some of the most expensive rigs out there!
can't beat a 270..ammo is about as cheap as your going to find in any caliber,great for almost all your hunting needs and I'd top it with a Redfield 3-9x made by Leupold and as always don't skimp on your glass, you'll be sorry if you do
Ernesto, compadre; I will recommend you go with John (NBK) at Fine Fire Arms in la mesa, CA so he can show you all the new and used inventory they have there and then you can have a better idea and fill of you next new toy!

Papi said:
Ernesto, compadre; I will recommend you go with John (NBK) at Fine Fire Arms in la mesa, CA so he can show you all the new and used inventory they have there and then you can have a better idea and fill of you next new toy!


NBK, you work at Fine Firearms in La Mesa?
Fine Firearms is the best place to shop for anything! That guy John, is the coolest guy there. Good luck Ernesto, and welcome aboard! ;) :D ;D
I'd agree, I shoot a 7MM, but for a good alround rifle the 308 is hard to beat and way under rated.. Also If you are going to hunt coyotes you may want to look into a .223 as well.. But no matter what rifle & cal you decide on the glass you put on it is more important then the rifle it's self. As a rifle is only as good as the person shooting it ...

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