Opening week DIY CA Desert Archery Hunt

May 17, 2014
Backpacked into our local desert and chased around some really mature deer. Camped out 6 miles from the road and got into a really solid spot. Got 4 really good stalks in and closed distance to 20 yards on 2 really nice bucks! Couldn't seal the deal but feel really confident that each year I'm getting in closer and seeing bigger and bigger deer! I don't have a phoneskope but got a couple pics of some bucks through my spotter. Check out this 7x5 we call the sagebrush monster we have been looking for him for a year and glassed him up on 3 of the days. Also another nice heavy 2x3. I'll post more pics from my other phone when I get a chance. b8c2d6d7a211d2c159ccc9ca5f953818.jpg e0b461ba742d6bde1ec781e8fd5afccf.jpg

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