Oppose AB1254 and do it quickly


Mar 1, 2011
East County, Ca
Hey Everyone, this is an email I sent out to a large group of people to please help get the word out about AB 1254.

Please get involved and help voice opposition against AB1254. The bobcat hunting prohibition bill is heading to Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee. Currently scheduled to be heard on April 9.

This bill would make it unlawful to hunt, trap, or otherwise take a bobcat, except under specified circumstances, including under a depredation permit. The bill would authorize the department to adopt regulations to implement these provisions. The bill would prohibit the take of bobcats under the above-described authorizations for the take of nongame mammals. Because a violation of these provisions would be a crime, this bill would impose a state-mandated local program.

You can see the entire bill at this website https://legiscan.com/CA/text/AB1254/2019

Please go to the website of the California State Assembly Water, Parks, and Wildlife Committee. I added the link below, once you are on the page you will see the SUBMIT POSITION LETTER link where you will go and create an account. It is very easy but more importantly, it is extremely important they hear from you before APRIL 9th. You will add the bill AB 1254 and it will come up with information. Please ask them to oppose AB 1254.

California State Assembly Water, Parks, and Wildlife Committee

I ask you to please oppose AB 1254 Bobcat Hunting Prohibition.

It is extremely important that we are involved and voice our concern and opposition. Predator Hunting is the low hanging fruit which all the anti-hunting groups have been going after. Look at what happened in 1990 with the passage of Proposition 117, mountain lions became a "specially protected species," making mountain lion hunting illegal in California. This wasn’t because the population was low. In fact, the lion population is relatively high in California currently and their numbers appear to be stable.

The anti-hunting groups have also gotten the predator policy updated this last year, stopped bobcat trapping, and they are now going after Bobcat Hunting even though they aren't endangered, or the population isn't decreasing.

Please pass this information around to everyone and make sure they tell the committee that we oppose AB1254 and ask that they do the same.

Thanks for the help

Robert Williams
San Diego County Varmint Callers



New Member
Aug 20, 2017
Done and done. It’s really becoming harder and harder to live in this state with morons running it.