Pictures from our Archery Deer Hunt in Utah


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Jan 6, 2011
San Diego
Here are some pictures from our Archery Deer hunt to Utah. I wanted to have a comment under each pic but
it is not previewing for me. You can click on each picture to enlarge, I hope you enjoy and make a plan to come
with us next August, Good Hunting


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Nice............. We are eating venison for the 4th night in a row. Last night was the venison philly cheese steak, and tonight is the bacon wraped loin.
This looks like a lot of fun! What unit should I put in for if I wanted to go along next year?
I will get back with you on this. It used to be the Southern statewide archery tag but as of this new year coming they are going to segment the
state into 30 sections. I will keep you posted on next year. This is a awesome trip and group.
The picture was taken after it was gutted. Thats all. He made a great shot on him.

Can you post info on what area to apply for, and also any links you may have for this area hunting? I would love to get in on a trip, seeing that shore duty allows me to accumulate alot of leave days ;D

Thanks in advance.

I will keep you posted on the area but it is in Duck Creek Village which is east of Cedar City about 29 miles up the mountain. The two issues I am working on is that Utah plans on segmenting the state into thirty different sections and that is what we are waiting for is to see what this area will be called now, normally it is just a State Wide deer tag Southern Region. Another issue is that if you look at the pictures of the 14 highway has been destroyed by a landslide over a half mile long took out the road and they are saying 9 to 12 months to have it fixed, There is another way but it makes it a long trip. Half the reason we go to Duck Creek is that it is only 9 hours away. Once I know the new areas I will post it for everyone so we can get a great group out there next year the So. Cal. way. You are more than welcome to join us, just a great group of people this year. Good Hunting.

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