Pig Hunting


Trying to be the man my dog thinks I am.
Mar 8, 2011
San Diego, Ca.
Went up to hunt with my buddy Bert in San Miguel California over the weekend. It was very hot (up to 104 degrees in the day). We hunted hard, I ended up shooting a small sow (80-100 pounds) on Saturday. Not what I was looking for but it will eat quite well. I am going back up in the next month. Bert is negotiating a deal that will give him access to 30,000 more acres of prime hog territory.

We rolled film through the entire hunt. It is in post production right now. Not sure we will release it due to the nature of the slow hunting. The next hunt should produce more "harvest action".

Regardless - I had a capitol time, as I always do when hunting with Bert. ;D
It was kind of a dink. :-\ The smallest pig I have ever shot in fact. Santiago has some pictures...I will get one from him and post.
A22 deer hunters: Don't be afraid to buy hog tag. I did and it worked out pretty good.


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Three years in a row now that I have bought a pig tag.Keep telling myself I'm getting closer but still have not seen one.
Good job on the pig.What did it weigh?
I'm not sure? It was a lot heavier than a field dressed buck. I really struggled to get him into my into my vehicle. I'd guess he went 180-190. I got him on public land. The picture was taken in a cow pasture near a friends house.
The hogs are definitely moving around, spotted 13 two weeks ago. Soon as bow season ends, the dogs are going to wreak havoc!
I love that you can hunt pigs year round. How many dogs do you use? Two or three to chase and one to catch?
My hog spot dried up. Maybe they’ll come back in the winter. If not, I may try my luck at Tejon again.


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That was a great hunt. My first time there. I didn’t lug my bow to the bottom of that canyon for a picture, but we didn’t forget a few brews.
None - the - less a job well done. Hope you have a whack at them again soon!
I’ve shot a javelina before, but those hogs look really tough. Do you think my 44 lb bow could kill one?

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