Plant and shoot Pheasants and Chukars


Trying to be the man my dog thinks I am.
Mar 8, 2011
San Diego, Ca.
Hi Club members,

I want to get my dog in front of some more birds during this off season. I can always take him up to my dog trainers place in Santa Ysabel but I would like to get him into some unfamiliar territory for a change. I believe Eagle Peak is no longer up in business and Raahauges is expensive and a bit of a drive. I would also entertain the idea of just handling my dog for folks wanting to shoot birds. Dieter is a bird finding, pointing and retrieving machine!

Are there any places locally? We want to hunt!


Try Palomar Hunt Club and talk to Alison. Their season is closing son and I just got e-mailed that they only have pheasants left. I'm planning on going after turkey season. They have some great fields and the birds are really fast fliers too.
We mostly use pigeons for the initial training as Pheasents and chukars are expensive (pheasents $20 and chukars are about $8-10) We use game birds in the final phases of training. I can turn you onto a source for them in Ramona if need be let me know...
I took a look at their site. All in all it looks like a fun place to take your bird dog in the off season. It turns out I know the Field Trial Secretary of this club. I think I may just talk Skinny Hunter into going with me over the next few months once my dog and I start suffering from "post traumatic hunt withdrawals".

Thanks for the recommendation - it may be just what I was looking for.
San Felipe valley which all of us as taxpayers own allows off season dog training if you want a place to run your dog in a natural environment. Check with dfg or consult the kiosks at the site for legal days to train. p.s. NBK I'll show you whats up out there if you like.
So lets say you purchased some domestic game birds & wanted to train your dog (in the off-season)in a wildlife area, what all needs to be done to be legal?

Would the same apply for using pigeons?

You can shoot pigeons year round correct?

I wouldn't mind having the contact info for your Ramona source if you don't mind.
We have some very intelligent and informed folks on this site so responses will come to your questions. As always, double check with our local fish and game office to insure no laws are broken etc. I have always had all my questions answered when calling the San Diego office.

Here is the number below:

(858) 467-4201
My best advice is check with dfg before you go out and train, not all wildlife areas are open for training so make sure before you go. San Felipe valley has very specific rules and times of the year that training can be done. You must also have a hunting license to do this, Pigeons are considered non game animals therefore they can be trapped and used for training year round (hunting license required to do this as well I believe), if you use domestic game birds you must have hunting license to train with them even if it is on private property. when we need game birds to train with we purchase ours from Angela and Dave Aubrey in Ramona their phone # is 760 789 1175. If you do use them please tell them you were referred by Tracy and Fred Presson from High On Kennels. Once again check with dfg they are very helpful and there is usually an enforcement available to answer your questions over the phone, I always make sure to get the officers name when asking questions so i can refer to them if any questions arise.
Thanks for the number, I am in the Temecula area and just want to see what would be the best way to train w/o breaking the bank. I REALLY like the sound of that place out in Anza, not that far of a drive from the house & it eliminates the need for me to get birds AND a place to train.

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