PLEASE SUPPORT Snake Charmer and rattle snake aversion dog training!!!

Met with Supervisor Diane Jacob and the director of animal services yesterday, along with me were Dr Kaye Henderson (vet) Lynn Moore (dog trainer) Jim Conrad (VP of the SD wildlife federation) We were all allowed to speak uninterrupted and state our concerns The director of animal services brought along a lawyer for the county who voiced concerns about other counties and their ordinances, he misspoke several times about the facts and laws pertaining counties and I had to correct him on each issue as he was trying to build a case against allowing it, this made him look somewhat uninformed. Jacob listened to everyone and in the end felt the issue was more about personal choice than about the snakes, she stated that she felt the situation should be corrected to allow training and said she could make no promises but she would take it to Bill Horn and if he is on board they will bring it to the council. So there you go all you folks that voiced your concerns got their attention and helped bring this to where it is today. We still have away to go and nothing is for sure I feel we have it headed in the right direction. Thank you to all that spoke up and please keep up the pressure, if we get this in front of the council I will again ask everyone to speak up and tell their supervisor how they feel about this very important issue for dog owners.
That is good news but everyone needs to send emails voicing concern and can do so easily on the link provided above!
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"Dear dog owner,

If You didn’t see it in the news or catch it in the newspaper we made a significant step forward in bringing rattlesnake aversion training back to San Diego county. On Tuesday September 11 the board of supervisors voted in favor of having the chief administrative officer and county council explore and draft a proposed ordinance change that would allow aversion trainers to possess rattlesnakes for training. Supervisors Jacob, Horn and Cox voted in favor with Supervisor Price voting against. Supervisor Roberts was not present. What this means is that within sixty days the chief of staff and county council will return to the board with wording for the proposed ordinance change, it will be reviewed and voted on for adoption.

We still have a ways to go and nothing is for certain so we will continue to work towards getting the ordinance change adopted. The opposition to the change came from the San Diego and Rancho Coastal humane society as well as Nan Arthur owner of Whole dog training. They do not want the change because they oppose the use of e-collars in training. They also tried to down play the threat of a snake bite saying that the statistical chances of a dog receiving a bite are so small that no one should worry about it.

The next meeting is bound to be a challenge, I’m sure the opposition will throw everything they have at getting this stopped so we’ll need your help when that times comes. We’ll need for the supervisors to hear from you again and if possible make an appearance at the meeting to voice your support. I can’t stress how important your participation was in getting this far. The supervisors were inundated with your e-mails and it made a big difference, thanks to all who responded.

Best regards, Tracy and Fred"

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