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Apr 18, 2020
Nor Cal, The Twilight Zone
There are a zillion sites out there on prepping. Part of the reason I brought it up is because most of the people on this site are like minded. I had to make sure when I posted the idea that I had ducks in order. I was thinking of it being more as a refining and "friend" thread. Idea's that can be expanded on or whittled down for the people in this forum. I don't personally know you guys. However I have been posting on this site for a few years and have fished with some of you and hunted with some of you. I met sprig one day at Henshaw on opening day for ducks. I have come to like and admire most of you. I would go to bat for you. I would open my door for you in a SHTF scenario.
Personally I am screwed. I have 14 million people I would have to wade through get out of here. I have to hunker down and wait go "GrayMan" and wait. But for some of you, you might have a place to go, a place to meet up. Less of a burden on a single individual...
Regardless of the out come of the idea whether it fits or not on this forum I felt like it would be a good topic to bring up. Maybe get some of you thinking a little different but I did think that it might have a small place on the site for some critical survival "oh no what do I do now" thinking.
Those freezers full of wild game are gonna need some help keeping frozen if S does HTF.......
Great response, I’m good with a prepper forum. I could even learn something (you can teach this old dog new tricks) And I definitely like survival shit.


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Jun 2, 2017
I think that, yes, there are a lot of prepper sites out there but adding a forum to this one would be more about strenghtening/bringing THIS community even closer.


Nov 20, 2019
There are some Ham's out there that could help organize and help. There are people who are stuck in suburbia that might have to bug out. Some people live in the country. If these people need a place to bug out to it might be nice to have a like minded person to bug out to. If you are in the country you have to sleep to guard your fortress, you are not safe from the marauders just cuz you live in the country. If you know of some body armor or 30yr food on special, water purification deals, Free lumber or fire wood.... you can share the info...

My suggestion isn't to take away anything from Hunting and Fishing. Someone like me has always been a little bit of a prepper, however now I have turn the volume up from 3 to 9. Things could go sideways in a lot of different ways. For example "my buddy is moving to Montana and he has to get rid of 100 chickens..." Or "my friend has prefabbed a roof and the financing has fallen through and he will drop all this lumber off at your house for free..." "my friend is closing down his shop and is selling all his steal and metal plus all his machinery...." Lots of things that don't apply to hunting and fishing could be passed along. Knowledge will be shared with like minded people and traffic to the website will probably increase...

It was just a thought that I had while I was reloading. Lots of things we don't think about are now being thought about and we all think a little differently
Ham right here
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