San Diego Bowhunter pleads guilty killing Mtn.Loin


I despise granola heads!
Aug 1, 2011
Its hard to know what the guy was thinking or how much danger there really was? He sure got off light considering what they could have nailed him with.

Bottom line, if you are gonna shoot a longtail and report it in this state, you'd better have some pretty convincing teeth marks and scratches or you are screwed.
If the guy was telling the truth about the mountain lion coming at him in his blind and he felt threatened or his life was in danger I support him killing the lion. I am certain that 99 percent of people that hunt in the woods will never encounter a mountain lion and if you did I am sure you would be scared or feel very unconfortable to say the least.

I have been stalked by a lion once my self and it is something that you dont forget. I never saw the lion myself but I am sure he saw me, I know this because he followed my tracks in the snow to one of my tree stands in the lagunas.

It is unfortunate the lion had to die and the hunter tried to do the right thing by reporting it. It makes you wonder what he will do the next time. DFG has a purpose but I think they went a little overboard.

This is just my opinion of course, and I am taking the hunter at his word at what happened.

Larry Cochran
It really makes it tough now to communicate with the DFG on any level because they are going to work you until they find something to write you up for even if you did it all right which is really sad. This is one thing that bothers me allot and I am going to do my best to meet with them soon to discuss how we can connect on an equal level to help all of us do the right thing. I remember as a kid working hand in hand with the DFG during hunting season.

I have seen and been confronted by several lions in my many years of hunting San Diego and I have never had one ever look at me twice. The only way I see you been attacked is if you corner them or if they are sick. I am not going to comment on this guy’s situation because I was not there so it is just say so but I don’t think people need to be scared of these lions when you confront them. There just like rattlers just give them some space and they will move on.
Not to disagree with anyone here but cougars (although rare) do attack people and any fear people have of these animals is just in my opinion. There is a book called cat attacks which is supposed to be a unbiased view of mt lions, documented attacks, and survivor stories. This book contains a whole chapter on Cuyamaca State Park which right next to where many of us hunt. One of the items detailed in the book is the fact that these cats do not have the normal fear of humans normally seen due to them being desensitized to human presence.

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