SB 918 - when does it stop!


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Mar 8, 2011
San Diego, Ca.
The bill in a nutshell
SB 918 (Anthony Portantino, D-Burbank) would NOT ONLY create a highly restrictive issuing process for concealed carry weapons licenses (CCW licenses). The bill would also significantly limit the public transport of all firearms, including those used for hunting, target shooting and other legitimate purposes by:

  1. Effectively banning the possession of unloaded and cased shotguns, rifles and handguns in all areas of airports not controlled via screening of persons and property (“non-sterile”) including parking areas, baggage claim, ticket counters and much more
  2. Effectively banning the possession of unloaded and cased shotguns, rifles and handguns in “non-sterile” areas of public transportation facilities, such as trains, buses and cabs
How this bill will affect you
Rather than protecting freedoms like they are supposed to, members of the State Legislature want to take your rights away once again! SB 918 will make it extremely difficult—if not impossible—for California hunters and other sportsmen to legally travel to their outdoor destinations. It will also negatively impact those Americans traveling from other states who hunt or participate in sports shooting competitions in California.

Sense of urgency

SB 918 is an “Urgency” measure, meaning this bill will have immediate and significant negative consequences for hunters and other sportsmen if signed into law.
Recent legislative action & status
SB 505 (insurance requirement for gun owners), with your help, was defeated in the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

AB 1227 (11% tax increase on firearms and ammo purchases) is up for vote and is still alive and threatening to increase the cost of gun ownership, hunting and personal protection. Please make your voice heard today by using the link below to send your official a message to vote no on AB 1227.

AB 2571 (ban on marketing firearms to youth) was enacted into law. While we strongly opposed AB 2571, we are currently working with members of the Legislature and others on cleanup legislation that would at least exempt the marketing of hunting and other legitimate shooting related activities from the new law. We hope that a bill will be passed before the end of the Legislative session (August 31) that includes this exemption. There will be much more information soon to follow.

SB 918 (limiting public transport of firearms) is another bill aimed at discouraging hunting to current and prospective hunters as well as affecting CCW Licensees. Please sign up today for our Voter Voice Alert and let your Senate representative know this is a bad bill and should be defeated.

Credit: California Waterfowl Association
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Nov 24, 2021
Ive noticed that whenever something goes our way in the Courts, the Left in CA are ready with another Bill that keeps things in their favor. We don't have enough people in the Legislature or at the top to make a difference, so signing an opposition to a Bill isn't going to work until we have enough Representatives to help change things. That's going to be difficult with the Democratic Party having so much power in this State. However, I signed and almost always sign my opposition to these Bills.

A side note here; it kind of looks like Term Limits didn't work out so well for Republicans and have played well into the hands of the Dem Party.
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