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Oct 28, 2011
The hunting was great at SJ. this pasted Wed. The wind had them flying most of the morning. Bob & I left about 11:30 and the ducks were still on the wing.
More like missed... hahahaha.. There were a lot of ducks flying. A good deal of hunters took limits. Here is our story...

Every thing went as expected NOT.... Had #10 draw. Tom put Bob & I in a great blind. (Thanks Tom). We got out and I set out the deeks. Someone did start shooting about 8 minutes early not unexpected. Ducks were flying every where. But we held off until shooting time. Missed the first few. (first time out this season and my shooting was way off) About 7 AM Bob knoxs one down he goes out to get it and has a fall. I also down one a few minutes later but he swims away I couldn't get a follow up shot due to some tullies. Poor Bob is really cold due to the wind. Bob downs another only he does not kill it. He shoots at it two more times. Then he decides he needs to ajust his choke, He was shooting a Mossburg with a poly-choke. He sets his choke to what he things it should be. About 15 minutes go by and a single duck flys by I tell Bob to take him. I see a splash a couple of yards out but don't see the duck in the water. Next thing I know Bob has lost his choke. He ask If I think he should shoot with out a choke, I told him I wouldn't, but then I have never used a shotgun with a poly-choke. So poor Bob just sits there wet & cold. Fianlly he says he going back to the suv to get warm. Bob is gone about 45 minutes there was no ducks flying at that time anyway. When I see him coming back I figure he is ready to leave but no he says I came back to watch you hunt. But I tell him No, your going to shoot. As he has not hunted ducks in 20+ years. So I give him my shotgun and I spoted for him until 11 AM when we packed it in. During that time he took one bird. As we were leaving the birds took to the air again. All in all we didn't shoot well as there was lots of ducks. I missed ten shots. Not sure how many Bob missed. Even with his misadventures we had a grand time and he wants to return. He is even applying for a ressi for the rest of the season... Fun times just begining...

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