So I went to an estate sale with the wife and her friends


Sep 24, 2011
So the boys and I had plans to bust up some more rabbits this morning but last night the wife interjected. I explained to the boys that some times you have to concede (deer season coming up) in order to succeed in the future.

As the title says I was dragged to an estate sale with the wife and her best friend with her husband (douche). As this was my first venture into one of these I wandered around trying to talk with others with no avail. Man this sucks was my thought. I was ready to get the hell out of dodge when the wife said look what I found!!


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Paid 60 bucks for 2 recurves that look very good:

1) Ben Pearson Cougar 7050 that is 62" 45lbs and 28" draw; which is my draw length

2) Bear Kodiak that reads BD 611; 60" Bow iwth 50lb weight.

Good deal or no?
Score !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is a great deal. I have that same Bear bow I got from a friends dad years ago. Do they have strings? Are the limbs straight not warped? They are both worth from 60 to 150.00 to the right buyer. The sight drilled into the Bear makes it go down in value a little. I have looked / asked for old bows at every sale I’ve ever been to and never found any, and you score two at the same one. Lucky!
No strings on either one of them. I examined the limbs pretty thoroughly and no warps in my opinion but I'm gonna swing them by Performance tomorrow to let them have a look.

I'm pretty stoked as I have been looking for a recurve to try out.

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