Some cold weather Ground Squirrel bashing


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Jul 26, 2015
Ventura, CA
Hey all, decided to head out early with a friend of mine to scout out some areas for Springtime. We arrived around 6:00 am with the temperature around 33 degrees. Haha bit cold with some snow on the ground from day before. We sat in the truck for a few hours till the :sun: came up making for a beautiful morning. I had not expected to see many ground squirrels if any. My main goal was to scout a new area for some Springtime Varmint hunting and to gather some video and photos of the gun. As the morning warmed up we ended up spotting quite a few dirt rats moving about. I had brought my movie camera to film for part of a review I'm currently working on. I was using a European Air Arms S510XS .25 PCP, a very fine and accurate rifle. Over the day we managed to smash down about 20 before heading on down the road. Most were taken between 65 and 100+ yards. Can't wait to show the finished video, just need some more footage that may take a few more weeks.

Marley with her giant stick lol

Terry and Marley waiting for the GS to show

Terry setting up for a 86 yard shot

My 75 yard kill with the AA S510XS

It was a beautiful day out and can see that this Spring will be an epic year for Ground Squirrel hunting. Hope to share more as it comes in! :imp:
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