Sunday 3D Shoot


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Jan 13, 2011
Alpine, CA.
First off, CONGRATS to all of you who went to Utah. It sounds like everyone had a GREAT time. I hope I can join you next year.

Secondly, is anyone going to the 3D shoot this Saturday at Balboa Park? I no deer season starts this weekend. But I'll be there and was hoping to shoot with any of you who will be there too.

Hope to see some of you there.

Take care!

Joe, Come on my friend you have been shooting all off season to reach this weekend. We had a great Utah trip but now it is time to get it done here. When are you going to go up? I am dove hunting tomorrow in the valley but will be up in the mountains this weekend and every weekend after that. Hunt on my friend.
Sorry Everyone,

The Shoot is on Sunday. In the message body I said Saturday.

Mike, I'll be out there this weekend. I'm going to check out a place a friend told me about.
Since I don't have a tree stand yet I guess I'll try to spot & stalk. Either way it will be fun to be
out there hunting.

Good luck to everyone.

Take care!

Cool give me a call. Try not to spot and stalk until after 9:00am or you will hear about it from tree-stand hunters

! couldn't agree more with Michael. Its hunting season. The time for target shooting has passed. During the season all I do is shoot 2 arrows in the morning and 2 arrows at night at a deer target to stay fresh and focused (There's no dots or bullseyes on a deer's coat). Each arrow I shoot I try to simulate how I would feel if the whole season were riding on this one shot and the deer is a P&Y record book buck. Every arrow must hit the heart or lungs every time!!! This helps me control the fear of a miss (worst question you can ask yourself at the moment of truth is "What if I miss?"). This also helps with the buck fever thing which we all get from time to time.

In a previous post you wrote that you were comfortable shooting out to 40 yards. That being the case you are ready to kill deer. So, as Michael said you need to get out there. Bow hunting for deer is a solo sport. You don't need a partner in the field.

Go get'em tiger!

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