Swhacker Introduces A New 100 Grain With A 2” Cut


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Mar 8, 2011
San Diego, Ca.
Swhacker Introduces A New 100 Grain With A 2” Cut

Winnsboro, Louisiana – Swhacker has introduces a new member to its family of superior performing broadheads. Now, a new 100 grain Swhacker is available with a 2” cutting diameter resulting in huge wound channels, meaning even better blood trails. Swhacker broadheads are considered by professional bowhunters and pro staff shooters as the most accurate, best performing, and most devastating mechanical broadhead available on the market today.
Swhackers unique blade design provides two separate cutting edges. The first set of edges known as wing blades, cut through hide and the first set of ribs. These wing blades are used to open the scalpel sharp main blades once inside the animal’s body cavity to cleanly cut internal organs.



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Even though I shoot Rages' I really like these Swackers. They can go thru a plywood board quartering away.
I just watched a hunting show that was talking about Swackers and they were invented by a rocket scientist for elk hunters. They do the job that is for sure.
I would like to see these things in action on big game. They look like they work AWESOME! We should get some to try out this year!
I tried these a couple of seasons ago and really liked the way they fly! The only downfalls were the little shrink wrap band that holds the blades closed was a PITA to keep on and that the slits in the head tended to collect tiny pieces of "stuff" (when going through brush) that hindered the blades from opening smoothly. I never got a chance to try them on game but I keep one in my quiver during turkey season still.

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