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Mar 2, 2011
Ive gone out watching deer every day this week. The younger 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 year old bucks are following does around in lust. Won't be long the big boys are going to show up and run the little guys off. If you have a tag get your A@s out there. I have been going to different locations to scout the deer and seeing the same behavior so it's not just one area.
This morning I saw a really cool little 1 1/2 year old fork with an extra main beam. Wish I could have gotten a pic but there wasn't enough light. Hope to see him again in about 3-4 years. He was following a doe around thinking she smelled good when a bigger fork showed up and ran him off.
So Mid- October is when the rut will be in full swing? I understand that the time rut starts is flexible, but mid october is when it usually starts.
I agree LP; they are getting careless in some cases.... I set up a blind about a month ago on CP and finally gave in to letting a friend of mine sit it in it last weekend....he had the 3x I had mentioned in an earlier post show up at 60 yards following does, he took the shot an missed low instead of letting the buck close the distance; I blame it on buck fever as he is a first year archery hunter. I was too busy following kids around in baseball tournaments last weekend. So I'm hoping to put some backstraps on the grill and set the bar for the military hunters at a minimium this weekend.
Does that mean some of us will be on the same playing field soon?
YUP! Make sure if ur rifle hunting, u wear some orange. There might be tons of hunters out there. :)
. I'm going to start watching. Also I'm going to hunt the first half of rifle with a bow I want to arrow a buck bad
Sdbirds said:
. I'm going to start watching. Also I'm going to hunt the first half of rifle with a bow I want to arrow a buck bad

Heading out for an eveing hunt tomorrow. I still have a lot of season left with AO and A-22 tags. If I get brown on the ground, you'll here about it....

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