The making of a Hand Made (by Me) Revolver Holster



Hey guys I'll like to share my passion and one of my hobbies I hope you like it..... My other big hobby is gunsmith and gun restoration, I spent more than 3 years when I was a teenager (18 to 21 Years old ) in Mexico going 3 or four days a week to learn with couple Mexican gunsmith, stock and leather masters. It takes the stress out of your system and with enough time it may also bring the BIG BUCKS hahaha​

wheels said:
Wow, that is very nice looking. The finish product is incredible. You do great work

Thank you I'm glad you like it....
Damn!!!! That is some quality work Santiago. Those are beautiful holsters! When I shoot some elk this year I will have the hides tanned for you. Elk skin makes great knife sheath's, binocular and rangefinder cases etc. It makes for great work gloves too. There was a class at the Bonita History Museum about a month ago. The instructors were teaching how to stitch etc. They showcased holsters, knife sheath's, saddles etc. It was very interesting.

You have a real talent sir. That is work of a craftsman. Not too many people can work with their hands like that these days.

Those are really nice words John thank you so much. Lets check on that Elk hide it sounds really interesting, and netx time you know about a class like that let me know as I'll always appreciate people doing and teaching that stuff.
Thank you I wish I have more time so I can make a lot of crazy stuff haha it is very time consuming, I'll probably start a new project next week.... will see....

You should do a step by step posting and pictures when you start your new project. I sure know I would be glued to your post's.
That is a great Idea I'm actually thinking of doing a video showing some techniques etc. The new project is probably going to be an African scene with Lioness and zebras, I'm working with one the design now for a desert eagle. I used to make some really nice stuff for Safari hunters, double rifle gun cases etc. Here is a little sample of the one I'm making I did the artwork 2 weeks ago and hopefully I will start next week. I need to start with this to practice and then I will do the whole African theme on a rifle hard leather case...let me know what you guys think....


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This is some awesome work bro, We need to talk about getting you on the site selling custom made
holsters and gun cases, I want a few that is for sure, Great work
Thanks brother I appreciate your kind words, this is the first time you say something nice to me in 20 years of knowing you hahahah Just kidding you know I love you man!!
That's a fact Mike. I think it would be cool to have Santiago set up a table to showcase his work at our first annual banquet. We could add one of his leather pieces to the raffle. People would definitely be interested.

Truly Santiago - you are very talented.

That's my story and I am sticking to it!
Santiago, Great work. There is a market for your talent. I know a guy that makes back quivers. He has them for sale at the 3D shoots. Actually I’m not sure if he makes them or buys them cheap in Mexico and resells them here.
The guys that shoot traditional archery all use them. You could specialize in custom quivers. People pay a premium for a “made to order, custom piece”. Like a tattoo, you could do a sketch on paper first.
You just gave me an idea of making in Mexico something in leather for all the members of the club. Since there are Bow and Rifle hunters we need to think about something unisex hahaha or maybe a quiver for bow H and a rifle sling for Rifle H. My father in law owns one of the biggest tack shops in Mexico and he has big leather shops where by the way I have engraved a lot of horse heads on some Saddles for customers that wanted to have the picture of their favorite horse on the saddle sides; Saddles that he has sold with silver, gold inlays, piteado fully engraved with flowers and other embellishments... and of course the fine touch by me hahah..
Any way he can make that for us and we just need to send him a nice special stamp with the club logo and I can design the two things.

What do you guys think? they are not cheap as it is going to be top quality design, leather and craftsmanship but a real deal for us hunters. Then of course with the same pattern I can custom made some with Elk heads, Bears etc.... for collectibles. My problem with that when I do something like that is really hard to let those pieces go as I get in love with them... ??? you know what I mean?

take care....
Hey Santiago,

Lets talk when we meet up. I have some ideas to share with you on the rifle side.


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