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whats up guys I'm new to the site . my names brandon I'm 24 yrs old and am new to hunting, been born and raised in Escondido and have only been hunting since last year mid season d16 and I'm a bow hunter . i did have some in counters with a few does last year but didn't get to let go any arrows do to not wanting to have wounded animal getting away from a non ethical shot . any ways i need some advice . I'm not looking to get and sweet spots or what not but just a little help . i have been hunting just west of the east grade to Palomar MT. 1500 ft west of of the E grade rd right across the street from the yellow call box about 1000 ft up the MT it kinda flattens out on Cleavland national forrest . i haven't had any luck getting any bird actions and i put my decoys out i have 4 feeding hens . I'm descent with my mouths calls i can purr cluck and yelp descent. i don't know maybe I'm in the wrong area maybe its to early for me to start getting frustrated . but keep inn mind i don't have mentors or guys that can teach me anything, i go out alone , and I'm trying to be successfull and do it my self but i swear its bitter sweet. any who may be you guys on this site can throw me some pointers. iv learned every thing i know from books, internet and trail and air out in the field.


o ya you guys seem to get kills quit a bit . are u guys on private or public land ???
Welcome to the site, Glad to see a new hunter join the ranks, don't get stressed, Patience and practice is the key to hunting success. turkey talk isn't hard, learning when and how is the challenge if you have no guidance. Best advice is have someone who knows show you the ropes next best is to get out and listen to the birds during the season watch their behaviors and figure and when and where to imitate what they are doing (that's how I have been learning). the epiphany for me has been to call very little and very subtle.
I'l agree with snake charmer it is a slow process to get one on the ground your glued to the base of a tree watching your every move. Before you know it your so bored and ready to give up patience is key it took me 2 spring seasons before I had a chance at a turkey and a lot of the old timers will tell you the same. HANG in there pay attention and it will come, calling a turkey is like calling that girl in school that all your buddy's were going after to ? you need to soften him up and the only way to figure that out is just listen then beat feet. One thing I learned when I first started was softer is better they don't scream in conversation they will get excited but rarely scream. when calling you need to talk with him going from puur to cluck to cackle to gobble to yelping and back over again does no good figure out what he likes and talk to him good luck and stick with it.

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