Utah Archery Deer Hunt is On


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Jan 6, 2011
San Diego
Well we are all off to Utah at 1:00am tomorrow morning and I am so fired up. There is fifteen of us on this hunt
and it is going to be very exciting and hopefully fulfilling. I will be sending John (NBK) pics from the hunt to post
on the site so we can show our progress of filling our tags. Well, it is six hours to Las Vegas, then three hours to
Cedar City and then the final 30 miles on the mountain on the Hwy 14. Can't wait to start the 2011 season off with a solid
buck. Thanks and stay tuned.


Mike hope you guys have a safe and successful hunt.I'm sure all will have a great time.
That would be great to keep us updated on what is going on. I'm looking forward to it.
6:30 opening morning. I had 4 does under my stand . No bucks yet. Stay tuned.
I just had a doe and two fawns right under me and right in front of my game camera.
OK...here is what I know (per Mikes text):

They arrived to find antelope sharing their camp. Mike said it is very hot there. The hunting is slow so far. They are working water holes which makes sense due to the weather conditions. Mike happened upon a forked horn buck and did battle. I am not sure of what the outcome was. There are 15 people hunting in his camp so someone is bound to stumble over a decent buck. Not to mention each other! ;D

As soon as I get more info I will post. When Mike and the crew get back I am sure there will be plenty of stories to enjoy.

There are two little bucks hanging in camp today. Larry missed a monster at 50 yards. Stay tuned, we are just getting warmed up.
Update............ There are now 4 bucks in camp. The group is moving stands around each day and nailing down the deer movement. Mikes son Justin made a great shot and packed it out whole on his back. We're having a great time.
I tried to post a picture from my phone but it was too large.
We are having a blast. I have a nice buck on my camera that I'm holding out for but running out of time.
I am glad a good time is being had Jim. I hope you whack a mossback!
I wanted this guy !


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But I came home with this one. We had a great time, and put meat in the freezer too. Now we start the local season.


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