Were to go to Zero rifle



I would normally go to desert or one of the local gun clubs to zero in my rifles. But the clubs don't have any open shooting for next few weekends and don't have the time needed to drive to desert.
Anyone have any advice on something within 30-40 min to East County San Diego. Was hoping to get out this or next Saturday morning and get two rifles on target.

Go to the main SCH web-site and on the left column down towards the bottom you will see So.Cal. Shooting Ranges and that will give you a list of all the local ranges we have that you can shoot at. The P2K Range is great but if you want to reach out farther you can go to the South Bay Rod & Gun Club, Good Shooting.
South bay doesn t have open shooting for next few weeks on saturday and p2k is too short.
But guess I will have to do p2k or drive to desert.
P2K has a new rule......You have to put three shots on paper @ 25 yds. with each gun you want to shoot at 100 yds. they give you a target and you have to write down the cal./make/ model and keep it with your gun each time you go to the range.

Yeah I have been to P2K a couple of times in recent past. TOPBUCK is right. Each gun you take, they require a three shot group in a 4 or 5 inch square at 25 yards. However it beats using up $40 in fuel driving to desert. SDGE is working all over the country, Hard to find a good spot anymore.
yeah the new P2k rule is a pain, but not alot of choices. But being able to stop on my way home from work and do it would be nice.
I also agree that p2k is a joke. I recently went in there with a couple of youth shooters and even after checking their website and the range stating they accept shooters of any age, I ended up leaving. I was told that even with ear plugs and peltor electric over the ear hearing protection, I couldn't have my 5 year old observing with me as the older kids shot. The time before, I was shooting my ar15 with legal high cap mags and legal non California complient ar, the "range master" began questioning me on my set up and that it's not legal in California. As the guy began to get a little rude in his tone I ended up shutting him up by showing him my credentials which allows me to own such weapons. I spoke to the manager but he was also rude so I packed up and left.

I will never go back there ever again.
Getting ready to leave for my annual New Mexico elk hunt this week and needed to do a quick check on a couple of rifles (moot actually). So I went to P2K and it was not that big a deal regarding qualifying my rigs. Took a whole 10 minutes. Proceeded to the 100 yard indoor and shared it with only one other person.

Personally I had no problem with going there and thought it was a great improvement over what was going on the last couple of years. I would rather see the range enforcing a safe environment than how it was being run in the recent past.

P2K is OK by me. You only need to qualify your rigs once - then it is business as usual.
I respect everybody's opinion but I do think that a shooting range is a very dangerous place to go as there are many different security aspects to overlook like ricochet, idiots, Rambos wannabe's, and seating for five minutes to qualify a rifle is not a big deal, I think that place is one of the best out there. I go often to that place and I have seen so many people doing stupid things including little kids running back and forward behind the shutters or collecting brass that I'm sure they are being to cautious for a bad past experience or a new law.
Any way I think safety is number one priority when around firearms and idiots.
P2K I give you two thumbs up as I want to be sure that me and my kids are as safe as possible when in a shooting range.

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