What broadheads are you shooting this year?


Sep 24, 2011
Like the title says... What broadheads are you shooting this year and why?

I am sticking with my 100 grain Rage 2 blades. I was almost tempted to try the NAP Killzones but decided Rage hasn't done me wrong yet.

So what say you SOCAL bowhunters?
I'm running the 100grain Shuttle T-Lock, kinda one of those, "just always have". When I got into archery about 5 years ago that is what my brother was using and what the archery shop recommended.
VPA 125's.

They are non-vented so they fly dead silent, cut on contact, one piece (no welds) so they are super tough, easy to sharpen. and most important.... they hit exactly where my field points do at any range I send one flying.

I cant wait to send one through an Elk in a month!
Lungpopper said:
Hey Sammy,
Have you shot the VPA's at longer yardage (like 80) and how did they do? The Rage's drop about 4" compared to my field tips.

I don't think that there is a broadhead available that "fly's exactly like my field tips". I have shot allot of different heads over the past years and I can say that they all hit low. Some hit lower than others and even some hit low to the left or right. I will say that the standard slick trick had the least amount of change but at 40 yards you would still have to adjust your sight.

I shoot field tips right up until the last two weeks before the season then it's all broadheads from there.
Rage 2 blade. This picture will answer the question why.

My 4 year old followed the blood trail.


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