what in your first aid backpack


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Oct 27, 2023
Hi,just wondering what you have in your first aid kits. My FAK includes:
Nitrile gloves (pair)
Trauma pad
suture-free wound closure strips
Betadine swabs
Sterile non-adherent dressings (various sizes)
Medical tape (1" x 10 yards)
Adhesive fabric bandages

So what do you take? What do you think of the suture-free wound closure device?
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I don't really have a First-Aid kit in per se in my pack, but in my truck...I always have a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide...Both for me and the dog (It is normally not recommended for dogs)...I carry a small amount of salt to make a saline solution with water for him.

ps...I also have anti-biotics, Benadryl (liquid/gel caps), tweezers, scissors, and Leatherman with me.
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I have for years carried a standard first aid kit and have over the years, many years,, added to my kit based on personal experience while in the field. My kits are based more on my dogs needs than mine. I can take care of myself, they can't.
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I built my own

liquid stitches
some otc meds (benadryl, ibuprofen, etc)
ace bandages
I have personal trauma kits all over the place. In the truck, in my Land Rover, my hunting pack, work backpack, and my desk at work. They all have a tourniquet, quick cot, two chest seals, and then various things like splits, large wraps, etc. To me, when going out in the woods with weapons a tourniquet is mandatory. I can think of at least one member on here who saved his own life with a TQ when he cut himself badly while gutting and skinning a deer.

I also try to take a wilderness safety course once a year or 18 months. Reminds me, it's time for another class.

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