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Mar 8, 2011
San Diego, Ca.
It is the smell of death! It reeks!

The "30 Nosler JP" is becoming a reality. All of the parts are in @ Fine Firearms!

Bighorn SR-3 Long action
Brux 1-9 twist .30 caliber #5 26" barrel chambered to shoot 215 Berger Hybrids or
McMillan Game Warden stock (blind magazine)
Jewell trigger (2lbs)
Wyatt extended box blind magazine, follower and spring
Fine Firearms muzzle break
Remington ADL aluminum trigger guard
Talley Rings
Scope is TBD (most likely a Bushnell Elite 4.5-18 LRHS)

Fine Firearms will be handling all of the machine work (chambering, threading etc.) and the Cerakote painting.

I can't wait to see the finished product!! What bullets do you plan to shoot?

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i am going to buy stock in the powder companies that thing is pretty much one pound per case right?
But it's not a 6.5 John are you sure you can handle it?
Gonna be a rad gun. Stoked for you. That thing is gonna have some insane long range knock down power.
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NBK is already looking for Sabot rounds so he can still fire a 6.5mm projectile.
i am going to buy stock in the powder companies that thing is pretty much one pound per case right?

Actually, the 30 Nosler is a standard length cartridge and fits in a standard length action. In fact the .300 Win Mag is quite a bit longer than the 30 Nosler and holds a lot more powder.

300 Weatherby = 100.4 grains of water
300 Winchester Magnum = 93.4 grains of water
30 Nosler = 88 grains of water

The 30 Nosler is much more efficient with its powder and is able to outperform both cartridges handily. And the build should push a 215 grain Berger @ 3000FPS!

Now you can see why it has my attention!
80gr of powder is still a lot, just saying. Then again if I got the employee discount on powder :)
Looks like its gonna be kinda heavy. :cool:

Not many long range guns are light. But it shouldn't be much heavier than your 7mm Rem Mag. Actually sent the stocks back to McMillan today because they were to heavy. We are having them replaced with Carbon fill which will lighten the stock a whopping 2 pounds. The gun without a scope should weigh just under 8lbs
That's not bad at all if you keep that thing under 10 that is awesome. You don't want a light gun if you are shooting long distances, that gun is gonna be a killer. I want a 1,000yd elk post sooner than later.
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