What will Lungpopper shoot this final week of D16?

What will Lungpopper shoot this final week of D16 ?

  • 2x2

    Votes: 2 20.0%
  • 3x3

    Votes: 4 40.0%
  • 4x4

    Votes: 1 10.0%
  • Contest winner !!!!!!

    Votes: 1 10.0%
  • Tag Soup

    Votes: 2 20.0%

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I think you got your eye on something special. Good luck. I hope you get him. But if not............. Don,t eat the soup.
I would have voted but don't see spork as a choice......that a spike by fork in case you were wondering :D :D :D :D
Its all good, if it isnt better than a previous kill and you dont need the meat let 'em go. up here we see lots of deer every day this time of year but we usually only shoot one a year (we take turns) got home tonight and as I was coming in off the main road I could see deer all over the hillside right above the house. when I got there I asked if anyone had seen all the deer out back, the concensus was that their was eleven deer out there and nothing better than a big forkie was in the group, none the less we grabbed a rifle and went take a look, we watched the deer for twenty minutes or so and the biggest one was a pretty good size forkie. no arguments from the teenager and my wife they've already shot deer in past seasons ( my wife shot a 3x3 last week) and are on board with looking for a better model so we sat ther and watched the two forkies bump each other around trying to decide who was in charge. It was in my opinion better that taking one as we had front row seats to deer behavior 101 and it was nice to watch them just be deer.Btw I think lungpopper will hold out for something large or not at all.
I think he has passed on a few really nice deer and I think he has seen the one he wants,this weekend should be great conditions so I think he will get it done.
Geez! You guys are setting the poor man up to eat his tag.

Shoot whatever feels right LP. Just got my venision back from Jim. Sure tastes good. Hate for you to miss out.
Hold out LungPopper! You may shoot that huge buck on the last minute of the last day. :)

Tag soup isn't so bad. Just think, you got to hunt the entire season!
Who knows what will happen this weekend.
I keep thinking back about one I let walk .It would not have won but it was # 2 damn nice buck for SD.Just wonder how long it will haunt me.Watched it for 15-20 min started to leave (couldnt) went back and watched it another 10 min and walked away.Would have been dead if it was'nt for that text message.
Invisible man said:
Oh! way to roll it down hill ;D Will a steak and lobster dinner get me off the hook?

Steak and Lobster will work LOL and I mean LOL

Shot the first legal Buck I saw this morning.Could'nt hold out any longer.


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Great work LP, That is a great buck and you should be proud of your hard work. It seems like for me about everyother year I pop a big buck
so this hopefully is my year to get it done, will be with a bow at this point. You are the man, Nice job.

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