Where can I take my kids to shoot some cans like in the old days?



I want to take my kids somewhere to shoot some cans and some clay pigeons and have a nice picnic. Do you have any idea where we can go?
Most National Forest is off limits to target shooting. Try BLM way out in the middle of nowhere and just make sure you pick up all your brass and trash or you will get a ticket. Make sure every gun is registered, and any spot you find won’t be a good spot for a picnic.
Thanks brother I guess my idea is off limits; I'm just tired of going to a shooting range full of idiots shooting semi auto high power rifles with 3x24x30 scopes 3 full magazines in 5 seconds on the 25 yard lines bench resting.

Shooting ranges in Mexico use to be really fun and very cool to spend all day long with the crowd , we used to shoot there every Friday live pigeons like 30 guys and then stay there for ours drinking, smoking cigars, eating and playing table games at the clubhouse with waitress and all the good stuff. Here is a different story. You shoot and you leave; very sad......
Santiago, If you go out to South Bay Rod & Gun Club off the 94 and pass the Club and keep going out on that dirt road you will come to an area that you can shoot.
Not sure where you live, but I use to take my son to Oroso Ridge in Ramona, you have to call the Cleveland forest station and get the combo to the gate, knowing this state and county it's closed by now. It's been 3 or 4 years since i've been. Heard rumor a kid shot his dad there as well.

Other then that you need private land to be 100% legal

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