Wolverine R High Powered Varmint Hunt


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Jul 26, 2015
Ventura, CA
Hey guys,
I recently got back from a few full days in the field filming for several upcoming videos. We traveled to a very remote property that has a huge population of the California Ground Squirrels. This area is about as extreme as you can find for hunting these destructive varmints, they have decimated the area with holes and have caused major damage to the many Oak trees. Terry brought the Daystate Wolverine R HP .25 that he received from Airguns Of Arizona, this gun has an ART barrel and shoots the 25gr JSB's very well at close to 60fpe. Over the day Terry was able to take down well over 100+ of these elusive varmints at various ranges in some pretty nasty wind. I tried to capture the action as best I could throughout the day and hope some may enjoy the enclosed video. This is a new channel that I plan to promote and upload a few high quality videos to from time to time, if you enjoy help by subscribing.